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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Freemedia processing is now automated. Testing required. (please read.)

> I don't want to be annoying but I feel the regions are overlaping. The
> drop box have North America, Latin America and South America. A
> Mexican can be either North America or Latin America. This is upon
> which geographical book you consult. And for a Colombian it may be
> South America or Latin America. I will think it will be more helpful
> just to have Latin America, as I is only one list (group) to check.

I omitted South America First, then I got confused if only NA and
LATAM will cover all the countries..so I added South America. :)
Perhaps People from America can suggest what will be the best.
Thank you for raising this point.

> Then it may be dangerous to have "Other." As many  request may end up
> there, and in a busy day I may skip checking those marked as "Other"
> Another way to improve finding each one's tickets may be using the
> country name that was written by the user, and include it to be part
> of the summary. So it will possible to list by regions, and see the
> country name within the region request. For example, I can see the
> list grouped and under LATAM I can spot which tickets say Nicaragua.

This will be hard...TRAC executes standard sql query, so if someone
Types country as 'India' and someone else as INDIA, they will be
listed under two different countries.
Let me see what can be done.

> I have seen a behaviour that I am not sure if it is a bug or not. If I
> open a ticket and change its country. Like changing from latam to
> other. It will change where it is grouped, but the summary will still
> show the original subject (summary). You can check on ticket #30 as
> example of this. This may result confusing.

I shall look into this if I can use a text field in place of the drop down menu.

> I don't want to be annoying, I just wanted to give some ideas. Feel
> free to discard them if they are not applicable.

Not at all.
Thanks a lot for your nice inputs.



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