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Re: [Ambassadors] Thoughts Regarding Campus Ambassador

Hi everyone,

> Hello,
> Well, as Alejandro said, I believe it could be a fantastic innitiative,
> but... At least if it comes about Poland, there are let's call it SIGs on
> campuses here, inter alia those related to Linux. What my concern is, how to
> connect the both groups and how to cooperate with them. Because by then we
> would be the only distribution which has such project running on campuses.
> Of course it would be a kind of honor to be part of such innitiative... my
> doubt is if it wouldn't be duplication of work, and you know, these voices
> that we're trying to make our own way of promoting Open Source... :)
> Althouth by then we could be the pace setting side ones, and that could be
> the fantastic side... ;) I hope you know what I mean :D
> Cheers,
> Pawel

I too believe the Campus Ambassadors Program (CAmP) is a great
initiative. As a new ambassador(on probation) myself and a second year
undergraduate student i can relate to how much this can be a boost to
us students.
         But the CAmP needs to have certain parameters of evaluation.
Having one tech talk per sem seems very vague. In a scenario where the
CAm is changed every year(say), Then won't it be the case that the
same talk or something similar is held everytime-- will that also
count as a tech talk. I have seen it happen - always the same talk on
why switch to linux, how to install linux system, etc given time and
again in here

So guys any ideas on how to evaluate if a CAm is working or not.? On
what basis are the goodies for an event decided? Is it solely on the
ambassador's request? how do we know that an ambassador is getting
across to the targeted audience? what are the resources at his
disposal? And  on what parameters is a CAm chosen- Knowledge...PR
skills...in a scenario where there are multiple candidates from the
same institute? Also there should be some way of rewarding CAms who go
out of their way, out of their campuses to spread the word to the
world outside.

Also questions will be raised as Pawel said- do we have separate CAms
for Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. Sure we may be first now, but what will
happen later? I mean it portrays a disorganized Linux to the outside

Another point of contention is : I do think we don't need a separate
IRC channel. It would be better attended and coordinated if held under
fedora-ambassador umbrella itself..That way if we blurt out or mess up
in organizing anything, other experienced ambassadors can catch us and
help us, correct us, suggest us,etc. In the separate irc channel
scenario, if we do mess up, we won't even know it until the event
comes up. In the preliminary stages at least the separate irc channel
has no meaning. Once the program reaches maturity with more experience
and stuff, then we can put up a different channel.

R Dhushyanth

p.s- hope the post is not awfully long and illogical

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