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Re: [Ambassadors] Thoughts Regarding Campus Ambassador Program

Hi again,

Just checked with some big links in the academic sector in my country.
Such an initiative is more than welcomed to Pakistan. Also my uni
IBA(iba.edu.pk) is ready to support the open-source movement in our
country. We are already working on some initiatives related to java,
php, mysql, apache and the mono project. Also redhat is already being
used in most of the labs also being a fedora rep i have spread the
word about fedora to some extent that the business management students
who are not really very techy are using fedora as they are sick of
viruses or some liked openoffice and shifted to it. 90% of my campus
already uses firefox. so we would love the pizzas in our labs late in
the nights just before the project submission date ;)
I am also more interested coz till now all the focus in this region
has been in india and here we are not rally able to get hold of the
free media. Till now i have distributed the media through downloading
and creating multiple copies

Please update me how i can help to spread the opensource word in
Pakistan which is an emerging market with 17million internet users.


Osama Khan
Institute of Business Administration
Karachi, Pakistan

email: osamakhn gmail com

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