[Ambassadors] 2008-01-22 FAMSCO Meeting Summary

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Sat Jan 24 17:28:58 UTC 2009

Hello and welcome to this second FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on the 22th January 2009 on #fedora-meeting

Francesco Fugolini
Joerg Simon
Susmit Shannigrahi
Rodrigo Padula
Max Spevack
David Nalley

Regreted attendee: 
Thomas Canniot

Francesco starts by announcing the meeting agenda :
1. Budget
2. Review current tasks
3. Define/discuss tasks' deadline
4. Migration to new freemedia system, approval and issues.
5. Having a git repo for ambassador scripts.
6. t.b.d.

1. Budget
Max start by reviewing the latest and hottest topics about FAMSCo
budget. FOSDEM is _the_ big budget task for this quarter: there are
lots of travel sponsorships and Max will need to collect them during
the event, as this should be done before the end of RedHat Q4  (mid
February). Max also expects to finance the being prepared FAD in India.
The topic of how to finance LATAM is asked by Rodrigo Padula. From Max
point of view, this topic is really a big one and long discussion on
how dealing with this financing will have to be done soon. From his
point of view, RedHat has to bet much more involved in this topic,
which would avoid creating a legal entity in LATAM, as Rodrigo

2. Review current tasks and Define/discuss tasks' deadine
Mentoring task is then being discussed. As there are already regional
mentors, the idea of giving them the task and, if needed, tools to
handle it.

David Nalley pointed out that he has planned to attend Marketing
meeting this week.

Rodrigo Padula added he is waiting from local RedHat to go forward on
his task on LATAM events.

4. Migration to new freemedia system, approval and issues.
About the migration to new freemedia system, handled by Susmit, it is
ready to go and waiting for approval from both infrastructure team
(that he has now) and the board. Rodrigo Padula asked for translation
of the Freemedia System.

5. Having a git repo for ambassador scripts.
Tasks review is then being discussed. The main topic is the settlement
of the GIT system and the packaging of scripts to automate the creation
of stats for Ambassadors. However, Susmit added his doubt about having
a new and separate GIT repo for them, as the Project already have GIT
repos. Maybe they can be used in that purpose as well. Migrating to
trac the Ambassador membership system is being worked on and is
scheduled for February.

Francesco adjourned the meeting.

Thanks for reading and see you next week.

Your dear FAMSCO
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