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[Ambassadors] Kids at SCaLE 7x

Here's a conversation I had regarding SCaLE's policy toward bringing children.

13:49 < herlo> I asked a couple days back about kids at scale and
pricing or whatever.  I forgot to take #scale-chat of ignore, what is
the rules
               on children?
13:49 < Gareth> Kids are definitely allowed to attend.
13:50 < herlo> sure, and I think it's encouraged no?
13:50 < Gareth> We generally dont charge for them if they're under 16 or so.
13:50 < Gareth> Definitely!
13:50 < herlo> cool, that's what I was after
13:50 < Gareth> We had quite a few last year....they all seemed to
have a good time.
13:50 < herlo> the Fedorans will be sporting a few young'ns around is all
13:50 < Gareth> Good to hear!
13:50 < lcafiero> +1 Gareth
13:50 < herlo> yeah, we have the wii lined up to be used all day if
they get bored
13:52 < herlo> I'm sure we'll have other activities for them.  I plan
on bringing scissors and some fedora media boxes for them to build
13:52 < lcafiero> Orv_work may want to do something with this,
press-wise. Some of the other events -- especially Linux World -- are
                  unfriendly, and it doesn't allow those of us with
kids to attend.
13:52 < herlo> maybe we should also bring some skulladay.com pages
too, that'll entertain them
13:52 < Gareth> yeah. he wrote something up last year too...I'm sure
he'll write something up this year.
13:53 < herlo> we'll watch for it

So this brings to my mind.  What can we do to entertain children at
our booth besides the OLPCs?

I think that it'd be fun to have kids come around and make stuff at
our booth.  There are tons of good things on make.com and other places
for kids.

What do you guys think?



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