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Re: [Ambassadors] Kids at SCaLE 7x

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 01:55:15PM -0700, Clint Savage wrote:
> Here's a conversation I had regarding SCaLE's policy toward bringing children.
> 13:49 < herlo> I asked a couple days back about kids at scale and
> pricing or whatever.  I forgot to take #scale-chat of ignore, what is
> the rules
>                on children?
> 13:49 < Gareth> Kids are definitely allowed to attend.
> 13:50 < herlo> sure, and I think it's encouraged no?
> 13:50 < Gareth> We generally dont charge for them if they're under 16 or so.
> 13:50 < Gareth> Definitely!
> 13:50 < herlo> cool, that's what I was after
> 13:50 < Gareth> We had quite a few last year....they all seemed to
> have a good time.
> 13:50 < herlo> the Fedorans will be sporting a few young'ns around is all
> 13:50 < Gareth> Good to hear!
> 13:50 < lcafiero> +1 Gareth
> 13:50 < herlo> yeah, we have the wii lined up to be used all day if
> they get bored
> 13:52 < herlo> I'm sure we'll have other activities for them.  I plan
> on bringing scissors and some fedora media boxes for them to build
> 13:52 < lcafiero> Orv_work may want to do something with this,
> press-wise. Some of the other events -- especially Linux World -- are
> kid
>                   unfriendly, and it doesn't allow those of us with
> kids to attend.
> 13:52 < herlo> maybe we should also bring some skulladay.com pages
> too, that'll entertain them
> 13:52 < Gareth> yeah. he wrote something up last year too...I'm sure
> he'll write something up this year.
> 13:53 < herlo> we'll watch for it
> So this brings to my mind.  What can we do to entertain children at
> our booth besides the OLPCs?
> I think that it'd be fun to have kids come around and make stuff at
> our booth.  There are tons of good things on make.com and other places
> for kids.
> What do you guys think?

Firstly, I'm stoked.  OSCON was the first time I really got to
interact with younger people at an event; the twelve year old Python
hacker was my favorite discussion on one day.

One idea I had was to line up multiple laptops (XO, I have a T41,
etc.) and have the girls go through as many games on Linux as they can
stand.  I could teach them Wesnoth, for example.  I'd like to
highlight Linux as a kid-friendly OS.  Tux Paint, Tux Typing, etc. are
also a must.  Heck, we'll play Sudoku now!

I like the media boxes, that will be a hit with my crafty pair.  Let's
look for some other stuff on make.com, that would be pretty cool.

I suppose ... maybe I should bring my all-in-one printer?  It'd be a
bit of a pain, but we could put it in our room and have it for
printing off cool stuff to make.

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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