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Re: [Ambassadors] [Fwd: Alpha Release Readiness]

2009/1/27 Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>:
> Thanks, I'll be there; someone else is representing Docs this time.
> I'm not sure what specific items we have other than media printing.
> Do we want to suggest to people they have release parties on a later
> date if they want media?

Generally REs are organized in a wide range (from 1 day to 1 month
after the release), by the way,  your idea is an interesting one:
maybe it could be useful to plan media production in a period of time
not far from the release (1/2 weeks), using local contacts and let the
local distribution machine working like is working now.

> What would be such a date?

Release parties haven't a specify date: we see this system is working
well, just because people are free to choose a date that fit their
availability and could work for each local area. Maybe we could
address people on a specific period (e.g. in the 3 days after the
release), but I think the freedom we had in the past give us amazing

Naturally what I'm saying is pondered according to the feedbacks we
received during the last Release Events. Actually we haven't defined a
strategy and FAmSCo plans to start the discussion (and extend in this
list) in the first weeks of February, after FOSDEM (I couldn't be
there, but I invite attendees to think about REs).

Naturally I invite all the community members to give their POV: you
are the really events makers so you are a crucial mile stone,
necessary to make Release Events a real interesting/ambazing/unique

Karsten, I'm going to keep you constantly update on the REs event
planning status. I'm sure during FAmSCo meetings and in the threads
that are going to be opened in this list, we could be able to organize
something special.


Francesco Ugolini

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