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[Ambassadors] Looking toward SCaLE, and looking further forward

Hi, all --

I just wanted to touch base with North American ambassadors regarding the Fedora Activity Day at the Southern California Linux Expo on Feb. 20, 2009,  as well as to put out on the list on a couple of potential FADs coming up in next several months.

First things first: SCaLE. Here's the wiki page for FAD SCaLE: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Activity_Day_at_SCaLE_7x and we're still looking for people to participate in the FAD event on Friday. We'll probably extend the hours into the evening, so those who may not be able to make it during the day could make it on Friday evening. Plus, on a side note, I've talked with Joe Smith, who is sort of the de facto head of the Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) in California, and since they're having a Bug Jam over the weekend, we agreed to post each other's events on our lists in order to share brainpower, so those who are working on items on Friday are welcome to help out over the weekend at the Bug Jam.

More on FAD to follow, but if you live in the West (or anywhere) and find you can make it to L.A., come on down.

The booth at SCaLE: We're still looking for people to staff the booth at SCaLE. Clint Savage has a presentation at SCaLE as well (and hopefully he can tell us more about it. Clint?), so his time at the booth may be limited. I will be there for as long as necessary, but there's always more fun in numbers, so again if you're in the neighborhood -- okay, if you're in the same country or same hemisphere -- and want to come, you get a free pass to the event and the satisfaction of knowing you helped Fedora. What more in life is there?

Looking further forward: We have the possibility of holding FADs at LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, Wash., and at OSCON, which this year is in San Jose, Calif. (and not Portland, as in years past). While I don't mind doing the groundwork etc., for LFNW, I am hoping someone closer to Bellingham (just north of Seattle, close to the Canadian border and Vancouver, BC) might want to take the reins. If not, that's fine. I can do it from the Central California coast. With OSCON almost within walking distance (with a good tail wind and a few packs of trail mix), I don't mind handling OSCON.

That essentially covers the West Coast -- are there any other events we can hold FADs at, and more importantly, who wants to take the reins on these events?

Larry Cafiero

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