[Ambassadors] 29 01 2009 FAMSCO Meeting report

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Fri Jan 30 17:20:12 UTC 2009

Hello and welcome to this third FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on the 29th January 2009 on #fedora-meeting

Francesco Fugolini
Joerg Simon
Susmit Shannigrahi
Thomas Canniot
David Nalley

Regreted attendees: 
Rodrigo Padula
Max Spevack

Francesco starts by announcing the meeting agenda :
1) Budget
2) Tasks status

1) Budget
As Max was unfortunately not attending this already incredible meeting,
the budget topic was postponed until the force may be with him again.

2) Tasks status
## Mentorship
Kital has sent a mail to contact mentors on their mailing list and is
planning a stupendous meeting with them soon.

## Trac system
Susmit explains the trac system works in a gorgeous manner and is
waiting for complete usability from FAMSCo and ambassadors.

## Mailing list management
Kital and Francesco agreed that FAMSCo list has to be managed in a
smarter way. Some members are in the list for organization workflow
improvement purposes and a wiki page should be created to know « who's
in and who's out ».

## Release events
Francesco will soon get in contact with Susmit to discuss about release
events organization and plannings so as to improve Release event
organization and help organizers as much as possible, including with

## Marketing relations status
Francesco suggested that Release Events and marketing relationship
could be tasks to handled in parallels, and occasion to strengthen
links with Marketing people.

## French Ambassadors Organization
Thomas pointed out that a first official contact was made the day
before with Tunisian and Morocco Ambassadors to invite them to join
Solutions Linux event at the end of March. Positive answers were
received so far and we are letting them time to get organized to come
in France.

## Company contact in East European countries (Romania - Hungary)
Kital has contacted Hungarian University and Romanian Exhibitors and
invited regional Fedora People (including the outstandingly famous
Nicu) to explain them how their companies could benefit from getting
involved in Fedora (EPEL, Sponsoring ...). Francesco added that
including Marketing on this topic as well could help FAMSCo going
farther in this tremendous task. The fact is that there are few
opportunities to organize events there with community members, however
events are made for professional purposes, and Fedora has to be there
as well. Kital is trying to find topics to attract them inside the
Fedora community.

And then there was silence. Francesco rises his finger in the air, and
decided He should adjourned the meeting.

Thanks for reading.

Your Dear FAmSCo
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