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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora

2009/1/30 Joerg Simon <jsimon fedoraproject org>:
> Dear Ambassadors,
> right now some so called FOSS events appear with a target audience which is
> more focused for government agencies and bussines. To have Speakers at that
> events could be a great chance for Fedora to attract them for sponsoring or

First of all, a big thank goes to Joerg who is constantly paying
attention to community processes, activities and problems.

I think those points are as interesting as important to start a wise
discussion on Fedora and business related events partecipation. Let
FAmSCo know what the community thinks about it, giving suggestion on
Fedora and business (see Joerg post for what this means) and adding
new amazing points to this great list.

It's really important a community participation to better focus our
presence at events and giving all of us, as Ambassadors, usefull and
well done tools.

This from my POV, now it your turn :)


Francesco Ugolini

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