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Re: [Ambassadors] Freemedia + Unity Re-Spins, Thoughts?

Frank Murphy wrote:
But in the interim, they should work as a pure "update" disk\stick
whatever.  I will try liaise with the Unity ppl,
see what sort of feedback they have had, re the re-spins.

I'm both the composer of the Fedora Unity Re-Spins, as well as an Ambassador to the Fedora Project, like lots of the people within Fedora Unity, so I'll be watching this thread as well ;-)

The feedback on Fedora Unity Re-Spins vary;

Some people are very, very much appreciative to the fixes that are in the Fedora Unity Re-Spins, because they enable them to install or deploy Fedora in a way that turned out to not be possible with GA media (General Availability media). Things that are fixed in the Fedora Unity Re-Spins may vary from i586 hardware compatibility, to simple fixes in pykickstart that simply needed to be during the media compose.

Some people come in #fedora-unity on FreeNode or log in to bugs.fedoraunity.org explicitly requesting we fix a certain issue with the next release of our Re-Spins, which, if we find their use-case appealing and if we think we can fix it (and test the fix), we'll happily do.

Some people come in #fedora-unity or mail us requesting when the next Re-Spin is to be released, and/or whether we are planning on doing a Re-Spin for a given Fedora release any time soon.

Needless to say, the Fedora Unity Re-Spins are often much anticipated for by the community, as well as utilized a great deal (we see thousands of downloads a month).

This, for Fedora Unity at least, are the reasons, amongst others, we think make it very much worth our efforts in creating and testing and distributing the Re-Spins. Whether it is something the FreeMedia program wishes to adopt when distributing Fedora amongst those that request Free Media, is up to you ;-)

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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