[Ambassadors] FAD EMEA 2009 in Rheinfelden

Sandro "red" Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 2 07:06:57 UTC 2009

Gerold wrote:
> if you haven't or will own an event in 2010, if you need no budget,
> if you don't want to meet "friends" near to you, if you don't want to
> bring your thoughts into face-to-face discussion, ...
> ... then I totally agree with you, staying at home.

My thoughts for 2010 are the same as they were a year ago for 2009:
- We should not make LinuxTag our primary event in Europe. Maybe we
shouldn't even be present there at all.
...that opinion was/is widely shared, discussed and still ignored.

Everything else is handled throughout the year, anyway. Mostly behind
closed doors, anyway. And mostly decided upon by only 1 or 2 people, anyway.

By the way, during FAD EMEA 2008 you told us you are in contact with a
vendor to produce, sell and ship Fedora merchandise all over Europe. I
probably missed the link to that shop, which was established during the
last 7 or so months. I also missed every status update on that.

Let me bring this down to the most important points (all IMHO):
- (During FAD), 2-3 people's votes/opinion count while the others are
merely ignored
- During FAD, many things are decided upon or promised to be worked on
but normally nothing happens about those things after on
- Rheinfelden (particularly the Castle of Beuggen) is badly connected
with public transports and there's no (good) bars/restaurants nearby

I'm sure you can now understand why I won't attend this FAD. Even though
I see things that should be discussed and things that need to be
changed. I also always like to meet my fellow Fedora Ambassadors (and
will do so during FrOSCon, OpenExpo and Red Hat Summit), which is
actually the main reason I attend events like LinuxTag (and LinuxNacht).

-- red

PS. Speaking of 'meeting friends' - on wednesday/thursday right before
this FAD, there'll be OpenExpo in Winterthur, Switzerland...just as a
little reminder ;)

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