[Ambassadors] Freemedia Thoughts #2 Rant

Frank Murphy frankly3d at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 10:56:43 UTC 2009

*Freemedia is a voluntary effort*

with that acknowledgement out of the way.

Can the participation Ambassadors, take a few seconds at the end of the
month to close, any "pending" tickets, that have not been accepted.
With maybe a "Pleae try again, next month".
Over time pending requests can mount up considerably.

With that in mind, more volunteers are always
appreciated by the Freemedia program,
by those in a position to do so:

"Accepted" tickets, are a different story,
in some cases there is no follow-up.
Months some have been there,
without any further comment only "accepted"
( pending: some do not even get that far,
comment, but not marked accepted)
These can also mount up,
all out standing "accepted",
with no comments. Should be closed with a
"shipping status unknown" at end of month.

#1 from the requesters point of view.
   "What are Fedora playing at?"
The first interaction with Fedora could leave a lasting negative impression.

#2 form the Ambassadors point of view.
   "Is he ok?, sick etc. Would a fellow country ambassador,
do some follow-up.
This could let the contributor, you are not alone.
You have friends.

#3 from the programs pov.
   to both the requester, and your contributors.
   If you need to step back for a while, let us know.



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