[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Minutes from 2009-07-07

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 02:57:11 UTC 2009

(08:00:08 PM) inode0: Roll Call
(08:00:16 PM) ***nirik notes you're welcome to use the fedbot meetbot. ;)
(08:00:23 PM) inode0: Agenda is here:
(08:00:31 PM) lcameron: .fas lcameron
(08:00:32 PM) zodbot: lcameron: lcameron 'Leigh Cameron' <leighc at gmail.com>
(08:00:35 PM) VileGent: .fasinfo jbwillia
(08:00:36 PM) zodbot: VileGent: User: jbwillia, Name: Ben Williams,
email: jbwillia at math.vt.edu, Creation: 2006-04-17, IRC Nick:
Southern_Gentleman, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension:
5100572, GPG key ID: 295A4FBC, Status: active
(08:00:38 PM) zodbot: VileGent: Approved Groups: cla_done ambassadors
freemedia cla_fedora gitcourses irc-support-operators
(08:00:41 PM) zodbot: VileGent: Unapproved Groups: None
(08:00:51 PM) inode0: nirik: noted and I'm thinking about working it
into my normal workflow
(08:01:08 PM) ***nirik is happy to answer any questions or help with
it. :) Carry on.
(08:01:41 PM) dthomasdigital: Here
(08:02:22 PM) slipp3d: here
(08:03:25 PM) inode0: Announcements: make 'em if you got 'em
(08:04:28 PM) inode0: could be a short meeting :)
(08:04:36 PM) lcameron: not many people here...
(08:04:39 PM) inode0: Event: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
(08:04:59 PM) inode0: Is there anything to discuss with event owners
or other interested parties?
(08:05:06 PM) dthomasdigital: Only thing I have is we had to move the
date of the New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest
(08:05:41 PM) dthomasdigital: to December 19th
(08:06:03 PM) VileGent: OLF will happen will have to wait till we are closer
(08:06:24 PM) inode0: dthomasdigital: is the site confirmed now?
(08:07:23 PM) ***inode0 hopes that isn't the same day as FUDcon
(08:08:39 PM) inode0: I suspect there is something needing attention
for OSCON but I don't think anyone came to talk about it.
(08:09:08 PM) dthomasdigital: yes it is confirmed, University of New Mexico
(08:09:24 PM) inode0: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OSCON_2009
(08:09:41 PM) inode0: I know there will be a booth and help is needed
if anyone else is attending
(08:10:41 PM) inode0: so do sign up to help if you can
(08:11:12 PM) dthomasdigital: inode0 this is confirmed but not for
general knowledge as we have a few lose ends but keynote will be RMS
keep it under your hats folks till official press release
(08:11:34 PM) inode0: uh, this is all getting posted for the world to read :)
(08:12:06 PM) dthomasdigital: oops. ;)
(08:12:12 PM) inode0: so say you were just kidding now if you want :)
(08:12:35 PM) inode0: I won't tell anyone!
(08:12:44 PM) dthomasdigital: Just kidding, (wink, wink)
(08:13:31 PM) inode0: Budget:
(08:13:44 PM) inode0: I failed to add some detail to that
(08:13:49 PM) inode0: as have others
(08:14:08 PM) inode0: we do have around $5k iirc budgeted to various items
(08:14:21 PM) inode0: I'll get this page fixed this week
(08:14:42 PM) inode0: the splatter t-shirts (roughly 300) have been
produced and delivered
(08:15:09 PM) inode0: media is still being worked on from last quarter
(08:15:18 PM) inode0: hopefully we'll be getting that very soon
(08:15:41 PM) inode0: banners are still being investigated
(08:15:52 PM) inode0: those are banners for the 3 three event boxes
(08:16:46 PM) inode0: if we have some other budget items don't wait
much longer to make requests for this quarter - remember it ends mid
(08:17:24 PM) dthomasdigital: IS NMGLF still in the 4th quarter?
(08:17:32 PM) ***ke4qqq is here - sorry for being late
(08:17:37 PM) inode0: December is Q4
(08:18:08 PM) inode0: on a bit of a whim I have one budget request
(08:18:29 PM) inode0: since ke4qqq has arrived we'll see if he approves it
(08:18:44 PM) ***ke4qqq has the power to approve things??? lol
(08:19:15 PM) inode0: I'd like to spend approximately $100 to get a
Fedora logo made by fathead in about a 3'x3' size
(08:19:45 PM) ke4qqq: out of what?
(08:19:48 PM) inode0: maybe 2'x2' - haven't quite decided
(08:20:17 PM) inode0: they are made out of some sort of vinyl
(08:20:26 PM) ke4qqq: worksforme
(08:20:36 PM) inode0: http://www.fathead.com/
(08:21:08 PM) ke4qqq: can we get more than one?
(08:21:15 PM) inode0: I thought these might be good event box items
for sticking on walls, paint friendly & re-usable
(08:21:41 PM) inode0: they aren't that expensive in the big picture,
so I was just thinking about testing one
(08:21:57 PM) inode0: we could get more now or later
(08:22:10 PM) VileGent: on the banners do we want to test one, or get all three
(08:22:13 PM) inode0: I can get one and re-order though probably in
this Q if they are nice
(08:22:35 PM) inode0: given the Q3 schedule I think we want to get 3 banners
(08:23:13 PM) inode0: we should have plenty of budget for 3 fatheads
too, I just don't know how they will work out
(08:23:40 PM) inode0: I have artwork in hand, just need to find time
to go through the process
(08:23:56 PM) VileGent: lets try it
(08:23:58 PM) inode0: I'll try to do that soonish
(08:24:04 PM) slipp3d: I think that would be a nice touch if it works
(08:24:49 PM) inode0: any other budget items anyone?
(08:25:37 PM) inode0: Tasks: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Tasks
(08:25:43 PM) inode0: we suck at this
(08:26:03 PM) inode0: please start recording tasks on this page to
document our work
(08:26:12 PM) ***inode0 is as guilty as anyone
(08:26:39 PM) inode0: I noticed moving one item there today that we
haven't had a guest in about 5 months now
(08:27:30 PM) inode0: if you know someone from a part of the project
who we haven't talked to it would be really nice to invite them to
come and talk with us about their area
(08:27:42 PM) ke4qqq: +1
(08:28:09 PM) ***lcafiero sneaks in and sits in the back
(08:28:50 PM) inode0: please feel free to take the initiative to do
this - we can arrange any meeting to accommodate a guest
(08:29:25 PM) inode0: if RMS is available he would be an interesting
guest here too
(08:30:13 PM) inode0: Open Floor
(08:30:31 PM) inode0: anyone have anything else they would like to
discuss tonight?
(08:30:41 PM) dthomasdigital: Will we have media ready for Sept 19th
Software Freedom Day?
(08:31:19 PM) VileGent: dthomasdigital,  i am glad i hadnt bought a ticket
(08:31:22 PM) slipp3d: any thoughts on how to bring new members up to
speed with out the overwhelming feeling
(08:31:53 PM) dthomasdigital: VileGent hey we are free
(08:32:27 PM) lcafiero: I think the live cds are ready, no? install dvds . . . .
(08:32:34 PM) inode0: media I would hope would be available by the
19th but it is out of our hands
(08:32:49 PM) inode0: max is working with redhat and the vendor to
sort out the problem
(08:32:54 PM) lcafiero: Software Freedom Day isn't until mid-September
(08:33:04 PM) inode0: oh
(08:33:13 PM) inode0: we might have some left by then :)
(08:33:18 PM) dthomasdigital: Live Cd's will be great we are going to
be in a Mall this year, lots of foot traffic
(08:33:35 PM) dthomasdigital: Guess I better get my request in
(08:34:09 PM) inode0: do request piles of media early as that will
help with arranging how many get sent where when they arrive
(08:34:11 PM) lcafiero: I have to talk to a group at Caltech on
Thursday about F11.
(08:34:24 PM) lcafiero: Burning my own to bring with me.
(08:34:47 PM) inode0: slipp3d: mentors are supposed to help with that
(08:35:03 PM) inode0: although being overwhelmed may still happen
(08:35:08 PM) lcafiero: +1 to inode0
(08:35:29 PM) ke4qqq: .fasinfo slipp3d
(08:35:31 PM) zodbot: ke4qqq: User: slipp3d, Name: Chris Neves, email:
chris.j.n at gmail.com, Creation: 2009-05-06, IRC Nick: slipp3d,
Timezone: US/Mountain, Locale: en, Extension: 5129816, GPG key ID:
9F755AAA, Status: active
(08:35:33 PM) zodbot: ke4qqq: Approved Groups: cla_done ambassadors cla_fedora
(08:35:35 PM) zodbot: ke4qqq: Unapproved Groups: None
(08:35:36 PM) inode0: I have some people who pinged me once or twice
and then fell off the radar
(08:35:45 PM) ke4qqq: same here
(08:36:13 PM) Grantbow_: .fasinfo grantbow
(08:36:14 PM) lcafiero: You don't take them hostage like I do? :-)
(08:36:14 PM) zodbot: Grantbow_: User: grantbow, Name: Grant Bowman,
email: grantbow at gmail.com, Creation: 2009-05-17, IRC Nick: None,
Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, Extension: 5130365, GPG key ID: None,
Status: active
(08:36:16 PM) zodbot: Grantbow_: Approved Groups: cla_done ambassadors
(08:36:18 PM) slipp3d: the reason that i bring that up is that i have
been trying to read up on things to do but feel like i'm 2 miles
behind everyone
(08:36:18 PM) zodbot: Grantbow_: Unapproved Groups: None
(08:36:39 PM) inode0: I'm wondering how or whether I should proceed?
If they don't have enough interest to aggressively get my time early
on should I let them vanish?
(08:36:46 PM) lcafiero: you're not, slipp3d -- it takes time
(08:37:46 PM) inode0: slipp3d: hanging around and latching onto
something when it comes up that you would be comfortable doing is
(08:37:46 PM) lcafiero: inode0, I talked to kital about this: He said
that candidates should take the initiative, and if you don't hear from
them you can ping them, but it's up to them
(08:38:07 PM) inode0: lots of people do that and we can help you do a
specific task
(08:38:19 PM) dthomasdigital: This is sad what is the link to request media?
(08:38:31 PM) inode0: yeah, thus far I've been leaving it up to them
(08:38:42 PM) ke4qqq: slipp3d: hanging around IRC is good - join more
than the amb mailing list - at least fab, but also docs, design, and
(08:38:44 PM) slipp3d: inode0, I can under stand that but being new is
hard to know when you are over stepping... and i don't want to be one
that falls in the cracks and drops
(08:38:58 PM) ke4qqq: slipp3d: you aren't ever overstepping
(08:38:59 PM) inode0: do not worry about overstepping!
(08:39:08 PM) inode0: you can do whatever you want :)
(08:39:21 PM) lcafiero: dthomasdigital: https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/
(08:39:31 PM) ke4qqq: there are things you can't do -  but those are
in ForbiddenItems or CodeofConduct
(08:39:36 PM) ke4qqq: you won't step on anyone's toes
(08:39:47 PM) slipp3d: cheers ... lcafiero i lost that link
(08:39:59 PM) inode0: slipp3d: what sorts of things are you interested
in doing with us?
(08:40:00 PM) ke4qqq: you might want to toss the idea out on the
mailing list - just to avoid duplication
(08:40:01 PM) lcafiero: No prob.
(08:40:54 PM) inode0: I would like to mention one thing before I forget
(08:41:18 PM) inode0: We sent 1,000 tattoos to both the EMEA FUDcon
and the LATAM FUDcon
(08:41:23 PM) slipp3d: thats just it ... inode0... there is lost that
i would like to do (help out with events ect ... but i'm out in the
sticks and not much happens around my area)
(08:41:40 PM) lcafiero: the sticks are . . . slipp3d?
(08:41:42 PM) ke4qqq: slipp3d: define sticks
(08:41:44 PM) inode0: while davdunc isn't here tonight I do want to
thank him one more time for making this happen
(08:42:00 PM) inode0: folks all around the world have enjoyed them already
(08:42:03 PM) dthomasdigital: inode0 how did the case badges go over?
(08:42:13 PM) inode0: dthomasdigital: was getting to you next :)
(08:42:16 PM) ke4qqq: case badges are awesome dthomasdigital !!!!!!
(08:42:32 PM) lcafiero: +1 ke4qqq
(08:42:48 PM) inode0: yes, they are reported by everyone to be the
nicest case badges ever
(08:42:52 PM) slipp3d: Montana...
(08:43:04 PM) lcafiero: Big Sky Country.
(08:43:08 PM) dthomasdigital: Very happy it worked out.
(08:43:16 PM) slipp3d: yep ... big sky and nothing around
(08:43:34 PM) StabbyMc: dthomasdigital: I've been trying to tell you
that all my counterparts at RH are SOOOOOOO jealous.
(08:43:39 PM) inode0: unfortunately they were a little late to go to
the FUDcons this year
(08:43:42 PM) slipp3d: is there a laptop badge / tattoo?
(08:44:34 PM) inode0: slipp3d: yes, we got both this Q
(08:45:03 PM) inode0: StabbyMc: since you popped in any word?
(08:45:19 PM) ke4qqq: StabbyMc: you're going to be at ALF???
(08:45:23 PM) lcafiero: slipp3d, yep. Nice items, too.
(08:45:46 PM) ke4qqq: is there any other contributors in the ATL area
- I noticed stickster_afk and I are slated to speak
(08:45:48 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: spevak has been conspicuously abscent
from ambassadors.
(08:45:57 PM) StabbyMc: And I know I butchered the speeling of that.
(08:46:29 PM) lcafiero: No, you spelled conspicuously right
(08:46:39 PM) lcafiero: :-)
(08:46:40 PM) inode0: spevack not so much
(08:46:48 PM) StabbyMc: ke4qqq: too early to tell yet.
(08:46:52 PM) slipp3d: lcafiero, where would i get some fedora swag
(08:47:16 PM) inode0: we give away swag at events :)
(08:47:25 PM) lcafiero: If you're from Montana, you'd be in herlo's
territory. Go to https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ and request
some, which I think is the place to order it.
(08:47:37 PM) inode0: if you have an event you can request some swag for it
(08:47:45 PM) StabbyMc: ke4qqq: I haven't gotten my work schedule out
into September yet. But as it's a Saturday, very probably.
(08:47:47 PM) slipp3d: right but if i would like some ... outside of an event
(08:48:30 PM) inode0: we don't really just send people swag - but
check with us not in a meeting about it
(08:48:38 PM) ke4qqq: ok - they are hitting me up for us to produce
lanyards or bags or whatever - I don't think I'd have a problem giving
them money - just have no time to do production as well.
(08:48:48 PM) lcafiero: Lanyards are cool.
(08:48:59 PM) inode0: expensive when I checked last though
(08:49:05 PM) ke4qqq: yeah
(08:49:10 PM) lcafiero: Yeah, probably.
(08:49:17 PM) dthomasdigital: Good knows I need all that stuff for
NMGLF is a huge undertaking
(08:49:18 PM) lcafiero: But Debian charges for theirs now
(08:49:26 PM) ke4qqq: SELFs lanyards were donated or we wouldn't have had them
(08:49:28 PM) lcafiero: At least they did at LinuxWorld last year.
(08:50:40 PM) inode0: ke4qqq: how many people are expected?
(08:51:09 PM) ke4qqq: last year they had 150 - no idea how many they
expect this year. 200 maybe 300.
(08:51:16 PM) ke4qqq: it really strikes me as ATL-centric
(08:51:22 PM) inode0: because getting a Fedora lanyard vendor in the
bank would be excellent IMO
(08:51:25 PM) ke4qqq: or at least GA-centric
(08:51:40 PM) ke4qqq: I'll see who did SELF's and see what we can do with it.
(08:52:12 PM) StabbyMc: Agree with ke4qqq: very GA centric.
(08:52:17 PM) lcafiero: The tattoos are a hit, at least at one LUG meeting here.
(08:53:05 PM) dthomasdigital: I'd be interested in a fedora lanyard
vendor for NMGLF, would be great .
(08:53:10 PM) inode0: well, again please make requests now  for stuff
you want later this year
(08:53:37 PM) inode0: we may have some money available this Q that can
purchase some supplies for later events
(08:55:50 PM) dthomasdigital: cool
(08:56:17 PM) inode0: dthomasdigital: would you rather have Fedora
lanyards or general sponsorship if it came to that?
(08:57:02 PM) dthomasdigital: general sponsorship, I think I could do
more with that
(08:58:48 PM) ***inode0 would like to stick a cork in it at the top of
the hour tonight
(08:58:59 PM) slipp3d: +1
(08:59:20 PM) inode0: Please join us back in #fedora-ambassadors to
continue any discussion
(08:59:33 PM) inode0: 5
(08:59:36 PM) inode0: 4
(08:59:40 PM) inode0: 3
(08:59:43 PM) inode0: 2
(08:59:46 PM) inode0: 1
(08:59:50 PM) lcafiero: see ya in ambassadors
(08:59:51 PM) inode0:  /EOM

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