[Ambassadors] Just letting you know, I may need a little help

Hector Alfonso Gonzalez Ramirez hagr182 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 01:44:10 UTC 2009

Dear Friends:

Im just writing up this e-mail to let you know that even tough I havent
replied to mail messages like I used to, Im still active and working, tough
at a lower level, I must say. What does a lower level means? well it means I
have just been convincing people to install Fedora and  helping them to get
it running (30 people this past month), temporarly I have dropped my
blogging, writing and radio promotion of the project (the reason being on
this last one that the radio station is from my University) and the first
two being that this summer we are hosting a charity/service event in which
we will capacitate people to help others. This project I must say is
organized by my fellow scout rovers (yes, im still a Scout) , just letting
you know so Im not considered "Inactive".

On the other hand all my projects related to Fedora will continue on August
10th, my first day of school and the day this event closes; on a side note,
guess which distro will be used for IT related activities (registration and
general internet usage by the attendants)???, thats right Fedora.

Last but not least could somebody help me getting some fancy "Fedora" dvds??
I will need 50 for the assistants and about 20 to give out on my radio show
once it begins again. The event dvds would be required before August 6th,
the ones for the radio station (getting a new show about open source
software) before August 10th.

Thanks, Hector Gonzalez, LATAM Ambassador.
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