[Ambassadors] ubuntu & fedora

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) bochecha at fedoraproject.org
Sun Jul 12 14:30:59 UTC 2009

>> srry but i asked this as an ambassador to get to knw abt that :P
> i believe he is asking for a way to answer that question ... its a
> very common question asked by users..
> i usually mention this to new people -> "technically, they are similar
> .. what available in ubuntu can be available in fedora and vice versa
> .. main difference is the goal, community, purpose, and some internal
> architectures " ..
> I wonder how other Fedora ambassadors answer that question ...

My typical answer when someone asks me what are the advantages of the
Fedora distribution versus the Ubuntu distribution is that Fedora is
blue, and blue is pretty :)

People feel sufficiently surprised and intrigued so that I can then
explain to them the differences in the objectives of the projects that
are behind the distribution. Focusing on our objectives (innovation,
FOSS only, always upstream) and trying not to diminish the merits of
Ubuntu (or any other distribution, depending on who asks the


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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