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I believe that David and Francesco's reply should have to be the bottom line
of such thread.


Rashadul Islam
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On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 1:26 PM, Francesco Ugolini <francesco at ephisia.org>wrote:

> Ok,
> I think this discussion was both interesting and instructive, for you,
> for me and for everyone in the project (and sure for everyone who will
> read the thread trough the Mailing List archive).
> This isn't an attack to a person or to a question, this is a
> meditation of what an Ambassadors is and should be.
> We are here to learn from each other. We also have to keep in mind
> that, like David suggested, we are the voice of Fedora Project: we are
> here to give answers, right answers, to people that don't know what
> Fedora, Linux and open source is.
> We, Ambassadors, have a great responsability, one of the hardest one:
> while developers has to assure that code must be stable for the
> release, we have to assure that community understand the project and
> join/enjoy our work.
> That's why we have to guarantee a basic level, that's why people like
> Joerg, Susmit and many others volunteered to mentor newbie and people
> during the first steps in the project.
> That's why you haven't to see this like an attack but as a occasion to
> improve yourself, like everyone here is trying to do everyday.
> So, if you have question, doubts on what Ambassadors project does or
> want to learn something more before going mainstream, I suggest to
> contact your local mentor. That's an advice that comes from my first
> days/months in the project (*), during that time I learned a lot of
> things talking (and learning) from someone who better that me knew
> what to do. It really helped me a lot :)
> Regards
> Francesco Ugolini
> (*) 2006, if I'm not wrong ;)
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