[Ambassadors] Red Hat Summit

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 11:08:05 UTC 2009

I've been filling in some additional details on this wiki page
concerning the Red Hat Summit/JBossWorld 2009:


I believe John Rose (inode0) has already noted we *will* have a
booth/table at the event.  However, there is no co-located Fedora
event happening around the Summit, and as the wiki page notes, we do
not expect to have any major funding for event attendance.

I will be present throughout the length of the event, and my plan is
to be around the booth as much as possible.  (That should be easier to
achieve this year since there's no Fedora event happening at the same
time.)  I'd be happy to have help at the booth from any Fedora
Ambassadors who happen to be at the Summit.  Some are signed up on the
page already, as a matter of fact.

I'd like us all to get together the evening of September 1, before the
Summit event starts the next day, so I can provide some information
about Red Hat's and my expectations at the table.  Anyone available in
the afternoon would be welcome (and appreciated!), to help set up and
make sure any last-minute arrangements were in order.

Most of my notes are on that page, so I'd especially appreciate it if
the FAmNA folks could take a look and comment on logistics, or
anything that occurs to them that might be useful to add on the page.

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