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> Am Freitag, den 17.07.2009, 17:52 +0530 schrieb sunil datta:
> > Hi Mathieu Bridon,
> >
> > Lavan has provide us a very good and valuable information.
> So, what was it?
> > If I am not wrong, he provide us this information to let us know what
> > are the project Microsoft is going to start in Shri Lanka
> Can you please elaborate, what Microsofts plans for Sri Lanka have to do
> with Fedora?
> > and we should also think of,
> No, he didn't say what we should think of it, he just posted a link
> without any further explanation.
> > how we are going to play on the ground, on which Microsoft has already
> > invested a good amount.
> So how are we?
> IMO we should focus on Fedora and not on competitors, no matter if they
> are called Microsoft, Canonical or whatever. We are not fighting them,
> we fight for features, progress and technical excellence.

looking at competitor's system is not kinda fight,
 at least you should know your weakness :)

Frogs in a Well don't know whats happening in the out side world. ;-)

> So I suggest: Let's use the ambassadors mailing list to focus on our
> goals and our strengths instead of wasting time with watching others.
> Thanks everybody,
> Christoph
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