[Ambassadors] [Event Report] 5CNSL - Caracas

María Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 20 18:04:31 UTC 2009

Hello all

Last friday 17 and saturday 18 we celebrate in Caracas the closing of
the 5th National Congres of Free Software (5CNSL - Congreso Nacional
de Software Libre) with a lot of users, lugs and friends. This year in
particular we had several conferencist from other countries and this
was a really great experience:

# Richard Stallman, USA
# Esteban Saavedra, Bolivia
# Oscar Valenzuela, Chile
# Daniel Yucra, Perú
# Andres Ricardo Castelblanco, Colombia
# Alexandre Oliva, Brasil
# Quiliro Ordóñez, Ecuador ...

... this gave an interesting twist to the conference by showing how
the international community has developed through the experiences of
the international guests. Also the event was full of professionalism,
many talks and workshops that the public (I hope) learn something from
On the Fedora Venezuela community, attended to the 5CNSL Edwind
"Richzendy" Contreras and myself (María Tatic "Leandro) both days, but
we also have the unexpected presence of several colleagues who are
really involved writing and at mail lists;  Robert Marcano, psycho,
Samuel, Yusmell, Jaime, Carlos Pedro Maniglia; NOTE: If anyone missed;
excuse me, but those who attended saw the hard work that I had :S
Likewise, we shared a moment with Esteban Saavedra, who is a really
nice person and he gave us some good ideas and proposals for the team,
the same proposals emerged from Andres
Castelblanco for some projects of the FSF-LA with the Fedora team; so
we shall soon have news.
Finally, officially Sr, Robert Marcano and Ricardo Fernandez will be
part of the Packaging team and Development for Fedora Project
Latinamerica, working with projects and of course spreading Fedora,
due to its high expertise in the subject I'm sure both will be a great
help to Juan Rodriguez (Nushio).

As a further note (and with much pride) I can say that the Fedora
Venezuela Stand at this time was the best prepared and the one where
people was more involved; helped a lot our 2 banners, the large number
of stickers that I bring to Venezuela, CDs and DVDs and of course the
tattoos, people were fascinated.

Thanks so much to the people that help with participation of the
Fedora Venezuela Team!!!

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/sets/72157621604386922/
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFjBCx1fRp8
Review (spanish) : http://tatica.org/2009/07/20/5cnsl-caracas-esfuerzo-y-frutos/
Official site: http://cnsl.org.ve/

Maria Gracia Leandro
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