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(08:03:17 PM) VileGent: hello TheAndruu
(08:03:24 PM) TheAndruu: hi guys
(08:03:27 PM) inode0: Announcements?
(08:03:45 PM) ***sseiersen has one
(08:03:50 PM) inode0: go ahead
(08:04:06 PM) sseiersen: Anyone willing to share a room please contact me.
(08:04:12 PM) sseiersen: Done.
(08:04:20 PM) inode0: that seems a little personal
(08:04:35 PM) inode0: care to add some context?
(08:04:42 PM) maxamillion: a room where, when, why?
(08:04:47 PM) StabbyMc: OLF.
(08:04:53 PM) sseiersen: ^
(08:04:56 PM) ***StabbyMc was listening in fedora-ambassadors
(08:05:06 PM) maxamillion: ah
(08:05:30 PM) StabbyMc: maxamillion: to be fair, I do only listen to
like every 7th statement.
(08:05:54 PM) inode0 has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Topic:
FAmNA Participation in the Campus Ambassadors Program
(08:06:04 PM) inode0: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Campus_Ambassadors
(08:06:16 PM) inode0: So I have a couple of things on this
(08:06:48 PM) inode0: First, we need to decide what if anything we
want to do as a group to support this program
(08:07:04 PM) inode0: at least begin thinking about it and discussing it
(08:07:48 PM) inode0: Second, I have a proposal to make
(08:08:13 PM) inode0: I would like FAmNA to sponsor one campus
ambassador from NA to attend FUDcon each year
(08:08:36 PM) inode0: Same sort of sponsorship provided by Fedora to
others for the event
(08:09:18 PM) inode0: Would include transportation to and from and
housing (basically half a room - would share a room with someone else
or pay for half)
(08:10:02 PM) inode0: Exact cost can't be known but typically would be
around $400 maybe
(08:10:12 PM) inode0: well, can't be known now :)
(08:10:24 PM) inode0: Comments on either point?
(08:10:39 PM) VileGent: how is the person chosen
(08:10:39 PM) inode0: I can elaborate on the second a bit
(08:10:44 PM) inode0: about that
(08:11:07 PM) dthomasdigital: I think a sponsorship is a great idea,
keep those young minds thinking.
(08:11:10 PM) inode0: I was thinking that we would have applications
submitted by campus ambassadors due around 11/1
(08:11:14 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: sounds like a plan.
(08:11:42 PM) VileGent: at this moment we have 2 NA campus ambassadors
(08:11:51 PM) inode0: Some group, possibly the regional ambassadors or
some other group they choose, could agree on some way to evaluate the
(08:12:02 PM) inode0: yes
(08:12:27 PM) inode0: what have they done on campus, what have they
done elsewhere within Fedora
(08:12:55 PM) inode0: With Fall semester around the corner I'd like to
see a push for new campus ambassadors
(08:13:12 PM) inode0: This could be a small incentive for them to get
stuff done quickly
(08:13:39 PM) sseiersen: VileGent 3
(08:14:09 PM) inode0: We'll have more, but the number isn't critical
to me really
(08:14:19 PM) inode0: One who works his butt off is enough
(08:14:42 PM) maxamillion: number?
(08:14:50 PM) inode0: ?
(08:15:02 PM) StabbyMc: number of campus ambassadors is unimportant.
(08:15:05 PM) maxamillion: ah
(08:15:06 PM) maxamillion: ok
(08:15:13 PM) StabbyMc: More that we reward 1 who works hard.
(08:15:16 PM) inode0: right, I expect many more
(08:15:19 PM) VileGent: maxamillion,
(08:15:21 PM) ***maxamillion missed VileGent's inquery
(08:16:26 PM) ***inode0 thinks ambassadors who work full time in
academia might be good people to serve on the group picking the lucky
(08:16:33 PM) inode0: people like VileGent
(08:17:39 PM) VileGent: inode0,  i agree but i will wait to see if i
have any campus ambassadors working with me first if i do then i will
not be on that committee
(08:18:23 PM) inode0: oh, you can make an honest evaluation anyway ...
we can hash something out later for that detail
(08:19:04 PM) inode0: we could probably get a few people outside FAmNA
to decide too if we wanted to go that route
(08:19:19 PM) inode0: but I think we might be better suited
(08:20:24 PM) inode0: I think we have to just take ownership of the
program in NA and make of it what we want
(08:21:08 PM) inode0: rather than something like custom t-shirts which
was suggested before I'd rather send someone to FUDcon
(08:21:28 PM) inode0: easier for us, more valuable to the person who goes
(08:22:22 PM) inode0: any negatives? if not I plan to proceed with
this and get it announced
(08:22:23 PM) VileGent: +!
(08:22:30 PM) VileGent: +1
(08:22:32 PM) dthomasdigital: +1
(08:22:39 PM) crossbytes: +1
(08:22:45 PM) sseiersen: +1
(08:22:47 PM) TheAndruu: +1
(08:22:50 PM) VileGent: TheAndruu, you have a vote to
(08:23:02 PM) inode0: ok thanks
(08:23:31 PM) inode0 has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Topic:
Events: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
(08:24:13 PM) inode0: MLS is over, OSCON is in progress
(08:24:26 PM) inode0: Larry might not make it to the meeting
(08:24:35 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: what's the deal with summit?
(08:24:57 PM) inode0: There will be a Summit :)
(08:25:13 PM) maxamillion: I have plans to hold talks and such on
campus, but I have to wait for everyone to get back on campus in order
to schedule things ... so my postings might be semi short notice at
least for early semester events
(08:25:30 PM) inode0: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Red_Hat_Summit_2009
(08:26:18 PM) inode0: StabbyMc: did you have a specific question in
mind about the Summit?
(08:26:59 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: more do we have an idea around booth
hours, a page for coverages on the wiki?  aka any logistics being put
up for us to worry about?
(08:27:06 PM) inode0: We do need to get some signage still, but that
will be covered in the budget
(08:27:29 PM) inode0: StabbyMc: if you would (could) click the link I
just posted
(08:27:50 PM) ***StabbyMc hates self
(08:27:57 PM) VileGent: !
(08:28:04 PM) inode0: basically two full days for the booth
(08:28:24 PM) inode0: sign-up sheet is there
(08:28:28 PM) inode0: VileGent: go ahead
(08:28:38 PM) VileGent: banners now or later
(08:28:44 PM) inode0: later
(08:28:50 PM) inode0: we'll be there real soon
(08:29:07 PM) inode0: next topic actually
(08:29:18 PM) VileGent: ok
(08:29:58 PM) inode0: so we'll see if we can have more details about
the Summit finalized by our first August meeting but I think things
are going really well so far
(08:30:14 PM) inode0: one thing is that we can make use of the
"campground" at the summit
(08:30:37 PM) inode0: this is an area with chairs and projectors and
stuff to give talks, demos, whatever we like
(08:30:52 PM) inode0: I believe it will be located at the edge of the expo
(08:31:22 PM) inode0: so ambassadors planning to go to the Summit
should think about whether they could prepare something to share there
(08:31:47 PM) inode0: it is run something like a BoF ... sign up at
the site for times/places
(08:32:40 PM) inode0: Any other event business we should discuss?
(08:32:50 PM) ***inode0 raises his hand
(08:33:09 PM) ***StabbyMc stabs inode0 in recognition
(08:33:13 PM) inode0: I don't know the current state of the Q2 budget exactly
(08:33:40 PM) inode0: spevack: ping if you are around
(08:33:46 PM) StabbyMc: The only thing put on the wiki is the pens.
(08:34:14 PM) inode0: right, I've been bad - we have spent lots more than that
(08:34:45 PM) inode0: but if we have funds left I'd like to seed some
of the upcoming conferences in Q3 and Q4
(08:35:13 PM) inode0: OLF, UTOSC, NMGLF come to my mind
(08:35:28 PM) dthomasdigital: Speaking of that a big thanks to inode0
for coming to the land of enchantment and speaking a the fest.
(08:36:00 PM) VileGent: media update?
(08:36:14 PM) inode0: VileGent: is there a way for us to prepay
anything for OLF this quarter?
(08:36:44 PM) VileGent: yep
(08:37:27 PM) VileGent: the main funding is going to be 2 room nights
and for the table and tshirts
(08:37:30 PM) inode0: let's get together later to figure that out then
- I'd like to do that
(08:38:03 PM) inode0: VileGent: let's do it - we should be able to get
that this quarter
(08:38:46 PM) VileGent: laters
(08:38:47 PM) inode0: that cost if from a vendor you have for shirts?
(08:38:56 PM) inode0: is
(08:39:29 PM) inode0: on the OLF wiki page?
(08:39:35 PM) inode0: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ohio_Linux_Fest_2009
(08:39:38 PM) ***djf_jeff is sorry to be late
(08:39:55 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: no problem, welcome
(08:39:57 PM) VileGent: is from brian
(08:40:21 PM) VileGent: where he usually gets them done
(08:40:22 PM) inode0: hrm, it doesn't seem right to me
(08:40:39 PM) inode0: that seems like the price when buying 300
(08:41:05 PM) inode0: not sure we can drop another 1200 this quarter on shirts
(08:41:16 PM) VileGent: maybe some are being planned for other events ??
(08:41:20 PM) inode0: ok, we need to get a firm price
(08:41:37 PM) VileGent: ok
(08:42:32 PM) StabbyMc: Speaking of shirts, the polo page looks pretty
full.  There was some talk about doing long sleeve twill shirts,
should I find a place for those?
(08:42:33 PM) inode0: Are there other events that people think Fedora
*should* sponsor for goodwill or other reasons?
(08:42:58 PM) inode0: StabbyMc: you would get a lot of people to sign
up for those!
(08:43:17 PM) dthomasdigital: Will disk be ready for software freedom day?
(08:43:17 PM) StabbyMc: K, I'll start looking at those once pens are
taken care of.
(08:43:37 PM) inode0: I have no word on media which is really not a
good situation
(08:43:54 PM) StabbyMc: IIRC there were payment issues?
(08:43:56 PM) VileGent: time to get an update from max
(08:44:16 PM) inode0: there were payment problems but they should be
sorted out by now
(08:44:38 PM) inode0: would someone email max about it, he is in the
states this week and busy but ...
(08:44:46 PM) inode0: this can't wait forever
(08:45:11 PM) VileGent: +!
(08:45:22 PM) VileGent: i am working on re-spins already
(08:45:22 PM) ***StabbyMc volunteers dthomasdigital since he has the
need for media.
(08:45:46 PM) dthomasdigital: I sure can try
(08:46:35 PM) inode0: ok, my last comment on events is that if anyone
has an event they would like Fedora to sponsor coming up later this
year speak up soon - that is a great way for us to resolve end of
quarter money
(08:47:10 PM) inode0: we are almost end of quarter now - next meeting
will be our last chance
(08:47:28 PM) crossbytes: ?
(08:47:35 PM) dthomasdigital: well, you know you guys have my 2 cents,
New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest BTW will be able to announce keynote next
(08:47:56 PM) VileGent: fudcon is in january correct?
(08:48:00 PM) inode0: Excellent - I for one can't wait to hear
(08:48:12 PM) inode0: FUDcon is likely the 1st or 2nd week in December
(08:48:23 PM) VileGent: ouch
(08:48:24 PM) inode0: according to a recent stickster blog
(08:49:06 PM) inode0: Austin, Portland, and Toronto were the
frontrunners for a site
(08:49:23 PM) inode0: so if you care or are in one of those cities get
to work :)
(08:49:26 PM) StabbyMc: All $pendy cities :-(
(08:49:32 PM) ricky: Ouch
(08:49:41 PM) ricky: Right during finals time for a lot of college students :-(
(08:49:43 PM) inode0: and Boston isn't?
(08:49:51 PM) StabbyMc: It is as well.
(08:50:15 PM) VileGent: warm, cold and rainy, cold and snowy
(08:50:22 PM) VileGent: seems like a no brainer to me
(08:50:32 PM) inode0: good thinking VileGent
(08:50:35 PM) StabbyMc: Toronto would be cool, but will require a
passport to go to, which might kybosh our CA sponsorship of
(08:51:03 PM) inode0 has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Topic:
Event Box Banners Report
(08:51:20 PM) inode0: VileGent has the floor
(08:51:42 PM) VileGent: ok we found out that the banner will not fit
the event boxes and will need to be shipped separate
(08:52:43 PM) VileGent: we are looking at getting 2 banners done with
2 of the 4 foundations on each to go on each side of a table or put
together for one big poster
(08:53:33 PM) VileGent: graphics request sent to the design team, paul
added a couple of comments and it has been picked up by a designer
(08:53:44 PM) inode0: oh, good
(08:53:50 PM) VileGent: hopefully we will see the graphics soon to get
the banner ordered
(08:54:10 PM) VileGent: each banner will be about $300 each
(08:54:24 PM) inode0: mizmo - extra good
(08:54:51 PM) VileGent: since i am home i do not have the links i
would like to have
(08:54:56 PM) dthomasdigital: Still trying to figure out why vinyl
signs cost so much.
(08:55:19 PM) inode0: have you priced a tablecloth? :)
(08:55:26 PM) sseiersen: What would the sie be of the banners?
(08:55:27 PM) VileGent: dthomasdigital,  i dont think the vinyal cost that much
(08:55:39 PM) sseiersen: size*
(08:55:48 PM) VileGent: 23.5"x 77.5" each
(08:55:55 PM) inode0: *big*
(08:56:01 PM) sseiersen: :)
(08:56:10 PM) dthomasdigital: Oh that's huge
(08:56:41 PM) VileGent: let me jump on my work machine
(08:56:45 PM) inode0: ok, so we need a small miracle to get these in
time for the Summit - but if VileGent wants funding for OLF he'll do
his best :)
(08:57:31 PM) inode0: seriously, these will be great - I do have a
thought though
(08:57:45 PM) inode0: since they don't fit in the event boxes they
won't be at all events
(08:57:58 PM) inode0: not all can accommodate the extra space anyway
(08:58:12 PM) inode0: so what do we do *for* the event boxes
(08:58:19 PM) inode0: they should all have signage
(08:59:04 PM) Southern_Gentlem:
(08:59:32 PM) inode0: any sign/banner folks have sources for just nice
banners that could roll up and fit in the event boxes?
(09:00:01 PM) VileGent: make the 4 foundations posters for the event
boxes like the ones in boston 2008
(09:00:25 PM) inode0: that would be great!
(09:01:02 PM) VileGent: i am sure the graphics already exist so just
printing would be the cost
(09:01:53 PM) inode0: thanks for working on this one VileGent, I'm
sure the graphics will happen fast now
(09:02:07 PM) maxamillion: I have to run
(09:02:12 PM) inode0: for the big banners
(09:02:23 PM) VileGent: i will get the graphics and get max to order them asap
(09:02:46 PM) inode0 has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Topic:
Fedora Pen Report
(09:02:54 PM) inode0: StabbyMc has the floor
(09:03:04 PM) StabbyMc: Real Simple.
(09:03:14 PM) StabbyMc: Pens ordered, should receive them either this
week or early next week.
(09:03:20 PM) StabbyMc: So we have pens.
(09:03:43 PM) inode0: woohoo
(09:03:56 PM) dthomasdigital: That rocks
(09:04:08 PM) helofromseattle: That's good news
(09:04:33 PM) inode0 has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Topic:
Fedora fathead Report
(09:04:43 PM) ***inode0 has the floor on this one
(09:05:14 PM) inode0: so mo was kind enough to give me some gigantic
artwork for a fathead
(09:05:41 PM) inode0: http://www.fathead.com/ <- if you aren't
familiar with fatheads
(09:06:21 PM) inode0: so I have art suitable for 2' or 3' custom
fatheads of the vertical Fedora logo
(09:06:56 PM) inode0: when I went to submit it I was not very happy
with the terms I was subjected to
(09:07:13 PM) StabbyMc: What will we stick them on?
(09:07:22 PM) inode0: walls at events
(09:07:31 PM) sseiersen: StabbyMc, or selfs of course! :)
(09:07:44 PM) VileGent: or tablecloths on the table
(09:07:56 PM) inode0: dunno about that
(09:08:03 PM) inode0: in any event
(09:08:39 PM) inode0: I don't really have time to pursue whether these
terms are ok so if someone else would like to pick up this ball I'd be
happy to help you get oriented
(09:09:25 PM) inode0: It may just require running the terms past
legal, or the board.
(09:09:40 PM) inode0: or it may just require someone smarter than me
reading them
(09:10:07 PM) inode0: if not, this is going to be in limbo
(09:10:33 PM) inode0: FAmNA Meeting - Topic: Open floor
(09:10:45 PM) inode0: heh
(09:10:53 PM) inode0 has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Topic: Open floor
(09:11:29 PM) sseiersen: Is there gonna be a coordinator for the
campus ambassadors in NA?
(09:11:37 PM) dthomasdigital: inode0 do you really want me to follow
up on media?
(09:11:39 PM) sseiersen: Just wondering
(09:12:45 PM) inode0: dthomasdigital: someone just needs to drop max
and clint an email asking where it is, if you can do that tactfully
please do
(09:13:00 PM) helofromseattle: Does anyone do a Fedora Podcast?
(09:13:13 PM) inode0: helofromseattle: yes, but we need more!
(09:13:39 PM) helofromseattle: I'm thinking of starting one
(09:13:39 PM) dthomasdigital: inode I certainly can no problem at all
that max guy is pretty cool indeed.
(09:13:41 PM) inode0: klaatu does Fedora Reloaded occasionally
(09:13:54 PM) inode0: yes, he is
(09:14:04 PM) ***sseiersen wonders if he should be a coordinator for
campus ambassadors...
(09:14:20 PM) sseiersen: Probally for the region I;m in
(09:14:23 PM) inode0: sseiersen: what do you mean by coordinator?
(09:14:38 PM) sseiersen: Mentor, sponsor, leader?
(09:14:56 PM) sseiersen: Whatever is needed.
(09:15:14 PM) inode0: we are going to figure out what is needed as we
go I think but
(09:15:40 PM) inode0: hang out in the IRC channel for campus
ambassadors and help them by all means
(09:15:52 PM) sseiersen: Ok, will do.
(09:16:04 PM) inode0: we need to actually get them in the IRC channel,
more will happen after summer ends I'm sure
(09:16:35 PM) sseiersen: I'm gonna see if I can get more from my
college to join.
(09:16:44 PM) inode0: we expect all ambassadors to help the campus
ambassadors, some will be both of course
(09:17:17 PM) inode0: helofromseattle: go for it!
(09:18:48 PM) ***inode0 thinks we might be done - last call
(09:19:30 PM) inode0: thanks everyone
(09:19:39 PM) inode0: thanks VileGent for the banner work
(09:19:52 PM) inode0: thanks StabbyMc for making my pen dream come true
(09:20:13 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: thank me when you're clicking them in
your hot little hand ;-)
(09:20:17 PM) sseiersen: Anyone else got anything?
(09:20:17 PM) dthomasdigital: talk at you all soon
(09:20:20 PM) VileGent: he got space pens??
(09:20:27 PM) djf_jeff: I miss the pen discussion???
(09:20:41 PM) ***djf_jeff wait for the irc log tomorrow!
(09:20:50 PM) VileGent: **ducks**
(09:20:51 PM) inode0: StabbyMc got us some Fedora Bic Clic Sticks
(09:21:12 PM) djf_jeff: good, it's a really good idea, thanks StabbyMc
(09:21:43 PM) inode0: ok, back to #fedora people
(09:21:43 PM) StabbyMc: djf_jeff: NP, it was inode0's idea, I'm just the bagman.
(09:21:49 PM) inode0: 5
(09:21:53 PM) inode0: 4
(09:21:56 PM) inode0: 3
(09:21:57 PM) inode0: 2
(09:22:00 PM) inode0: 1
(09:22:05 PM) inode0:  /EOM

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