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Alejandro Perez aeperezt at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 29 12:58:18 UTC 2009

Free software and the Operative System Linux

Preparation, since I was recently appointed to this new task and the
event invitation came with only one day to prepare, talk to my sponsor
[User:tatica tatica] she kindly give some ideas on what we could do for
the event so, make some Fedora stickers using the art that are on the
wiki and manage to make a Fedora Button to wear on a blue Polo (not the
Fedora Blue but some blue) it was the best I could do with the amount of

This event was organized by the http://www.flspma.org Fraternindad de
software Libre de Panamá  with the sponsor of the
http://www.ciudaddelsaber.org Ciudad del Saber, they put together this
event really fast and prepare some fliers and invite must local
students, and the invitation was done buy email, location was great at
Ciudad de Saber hall, there we around 150 attendees, local news paper
cover the event.

It was a great oportunity to introduce Fedora and me as Fedora
Ambassador to the people at Fraternidad de sofware Libre the Panamá
(Free software Fraternity of Panama), since they have events all year,
and promote free software, we talk and offer them to help and to be
invited to participate on new events.

The conference was good Richard Stallman was interesting and show his
points on the Free Software and Linux.

We talk to some students and give away sticker and invite them to
participate on Fedora Project and the great opportunity it is to learn
and share knowledge with others.

There were not participation of any other distributions or groups, but
notice that people there were interested on Ubunto and Debian (most of
it because those to distributions are some how introduce to them on the

Photos at

El software libre y el sistema operativo Linux

Preparación: Debido a la invitación a este evento fue con un dia de
anticipacion no estaba preparado para participar como embajador Fedora,
sin embargo con algunas ideas [User:tatica Tatica] logramos prepararnos
un poco para este evento, por lo que imprimimos unas etiquetas de Fedora
de los artes que estan en la wiki y preparamos un boton Fedora que
utilizamos para identificarnos como Fedora en el evento.

Este evento fue organizado por la  http://www.fslpma.org Fraternidad de
Software Libre de Panama y la http://www.ciudaddelsaber.org Cuidad del
Saber se realizo en el salon de conferencia de la Ciudad del saber. 

En general estuvo interesante ver la presentacion de Richard Stallman y
sus puntos sobre el software Libre y Linux. 

Se aprovecho la oportunidad para tener contacto con la Fraternidad de
Software libre de Panama ya que ellos realizan eventos durante el año,
por lo que me puse a su disposicion para participar en cualquier evento
como Fedora.

Se converso con algunos participantes sobre Fedora y se les invito a
participar en el proyecto, se repartieron los calcamonias y se
realizaron otros contactos para proximos eventos

Estas son unas fotos del evento

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