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[Ambassadors] 2009-03-19 FAMSCO Meeting Summary

Hello and welcome to this eighth FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on March 19th 2009 on #fedora-ambassadors

Francesco Fugolini
Max Spevack
Joerg Simon
David Nalley
Susmit Shannigrahi
Rodrigo Padula

Regreted attendees:

Francesco starts by announcing the meeting agenda :
1. Region review (tell me who want to start)
2. Tasks review
3. Mentoring proposals (see David mail)
4. Budget
5. t.b.d.

1. Region review (tell me who want to start)
This first topic ran into a deep discussion about how to organize those
Region Reviews. Francesco was in favour of having Regional Leader
talking with FAmSCo in a defined meeting. One problem is that Regional
Leader are already part of FAmSCo (David, Max, Rodrigo). Therefore, Max
suggested to have specific meetings devoted to each region. This would
not limit the discussion with one people (aka
 - The Regional Leader) and would help people be closer to FAmSCo as
well. David pointed out that as these meeting needs to be well
organized and planned over several weeks, some discussions have to be
done inside FAmSCo before not to postpone them too long, like the
mentoring discussion. Then Max detailed the action plan to Francesco so
to agree on the communication stuff to achieve these Regional meetings.
David then asserts that one meeting per week would mean 4 regional
meeting in a month and would be vry heavy and time consuming.
The discussion about this topic will continue on FAmSCo list.

2. Tasks review
Francesco is following the release process and will start soon the
Relase Events topic.
Max is doing well with the organization of FUDCON in Berlin in June and
underlines the organizational team is efficient. Max is also helping
FUDCON in LATAM with budget issues.

3. Mentoring proposals (see David mail)
Max reminded that he volunteered to sumarize the FAmSco discussion and
to push this summary to the global ambassadors-list in order to go
implicate people in the discussion. Before, some work still need to be
done by FAmSCo: to ensure that growth is scalable in the new
organization and keep the ambassadors comunity healthy.

4. Budget
NA and EMEA expenses are coming in and being paid out. Max will have to
check with Sankarshan, Susmit, and Harish that things are doing well in
India and Asia. LATAM budget will involved Rodrigo.

Francesco adjourned the meeting
Title: freenode_#fedora-ambassadors.log
susmitso we start?
ke4qqqinode0: talk about us anyway :)
* spevack is confused. where is our meeting happening?
spevackok, i'm going to be distracted for a few minutes, i apologize.  But I'm here
ke4qqqit's ok - good volunteer for tasks that way :)
fugoliniOk, i'm ready
fugoliniwho is up?
* ke4qqq is here
MrTomThomas Canniot
ke4qqqDavid Nalley
MostafaDaneshvarMostafa Daneshvar
maxamillioninode0: is it ok if i stay in #fedora-meeting and spectate?
* maxamillion isn't familiar with meeting etiquite (sp?)
delhageI'm confused, is it here or in #fedora-meeting?
inode0interrupting this meeting to ask random questions isn't so good :)
ke4qqqdelhage: it's here - infra has a meeting #f-m
maxamillioninode0: yeah, i won't do that :)
inode0well, you keep doing it :)
inode0maybe the topic should indicate meeting in progress ...
fugoliniOk, rodrigo is in #fedora-meeting, I have pinged him
fugolinispevack: are you here?
ke4qqqfugolini: he said he was distracted for a few minutes but was here
fugoliniah ok. So we can start
fugoliniPlease roll call:
fugoliniops, just done
fugolini1. Region review (tell me who want to start)
fugolini2. Tasks review
fugolini3. Mentoring proposals (see David mail)
fugolini4. Budget
fugolini5. t.b.d.
fugolinithis is the meeting agenda. If you agree I suggest to move point 3 to the next meeting, after we have clarified everything in the list
ke4qqq+1 to moving 3 to next meeting
spevackI'm here
maxamillionwhat ever happened to the fedora cloud project that was anounced at ... i actually don't remember what Con it was announced at
ke4qqqmaxamillion: ask in #f-admin
spevackmaxamillion: still in progress via Fedora Infrastructure
maxamillionspevack: ah, thanks :)
fugoliniSo, first of all: 1. Region review (tell me who want to start)
* maxamillion is very excited about fedora cloud
spevackmaxamillion: couple weeks from an announcement, I think
maxamillionspevack: awesome, thanks for the update!
fugoliniI asked in the email to tell me who want to start the regional review series
fugoliniHere what I asked: "For point 1: I'm asking one of the local contacts to volunteer to
fugoliniillustrate the situation (membership etc) and what FAmSCo could do to
fugoliniimprove this. During this meeting we will decide the schedule for the
fugoliniother regions."
fugoliniIs there someone that feels ready to make such review?
spevackfugolini: i'm confused, I'm sorry
ke4qqqI can do so for NA - though I don't recall any such mail
kitalme too
spevackfugolini: !
maxamillion(sorry for my random questions, i didn't realize the meeting was happening here ... i will be quiet)
* kital is confused
fugolinispevack: I'm talking about the point 1
spevackfirst off -- EVERYONE should feel free to ask random questions.
spevackLet's be clear about this regional stuff.
spevackTwo goals and purposes:
ke4qqqlcafiero: just ask
spevack(1) a short regional update each famsco meeting from a famsco member in that region is good
spevack(2) we discussed
spevackinviting the larger leadership of regions to their own famsco meetings, where we devote a large portion of the meeting to just that region
fugolinispevack: that's what I wanted to do
Joindremohsensaeedi a rejoint ce canal (n=mohsen unaffiliated/mohsensaeedi).
fugoliniI wrote in the meeting reminder
spevackfugolini: the first or the second?
fugoliniI sent one reminder (the first one was a request)
lcafieroUm, which meeting is this again?
MrTomi volunteer for next week
spevackfugolini: are you asking for a brief update about each region, from a FAMSCO member?
spevackfugolini: is that what you are asking for?
lcafierograzie, fugolini
fugoliniI wanted to ask if one of the regional leader could tell us about the situation
fugolinilcafiero: no problem
JoindreRodrigoPadula a rejoint ce canal (n=Rodrigo 189 106 139 55).
fugolinispevack: no problem, we will start next week
spevackfugolini: wait.
susmitfugolini, exactly what do we want to know?
spevackfugolini: i think you are not quite understanding wht i am trying to say
spevackeveryone wait! :)
* spevack tries to paint a picture
spevackWe are *lucky* that FAMSCO happens to include people from each region, and that those people hold leadership positions in their regions.
spevackI don't think that's an accident
spevackI think when the total of Ambassadors voted
spevackthey voted for people who had proven themselves
spevackIt is *fine* for us to take a part of each famsco meeting and say, for example, "David, tell us some highlights from the NA meeting this week" or "Max, tell us what is important in EMEA", or "susmit, tell us about India".
spevackthat is entirely different
spevackfrom the *other* goal
spevackwhich is to have specific meetings devoted to each region.
Quitrogersinel1 a quitté ce serveur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
spevackand those need to be planned with people outside of famsco, well in advance3.
spevackso if we want to do half of next week's meeting about North America, we need to be saying "hey, we want a bunch of NA ambassadors to come to next week's meeting, and have a larger discussion"
spevackand plan these things in advance.
spevackI hope I am being clear
fugolinisure, you are right.
* kital has to go - sorry
spevackkital: no problem, we know you have a lot going on at your $DAYJOB :)
fugolinikital: no problem. See you soon :)
kital;) cu
spevackfugolini: my proposal would be that we take the next 4 FAMSCo meetings, and make the agenda for the first 45 minutes of each of them one of our regions.
fugoliniI'll take care to organize next week Regional review. I'm sorry if I've done a bad job this week, as I use to say, if you see that I'm doing something wrong tell me.
spevackfugolini: the last 15 minutes, "other famsco business"
spevackfugolini: i don't think you have done a bad job
fugolinithat's what I have in mind
ke4qqqI'd think that we'd want to perhaps decide if we are going to have the mentoring discussion before or after that  -since it's likely to consume more than 15 minutes
spevackfugolini: i just think we need a bit more planning for these regional meetings, becaues to do them PROPERLY requires significant people outside of famsco
* spevack feels like he's causing trouble
fugoliniwe are going towards a localization of many operative activities so it's crucial to have a point where we can bridge all the informations
susmitspevack, I was just going to say this. Not the trouble part, the part before that ;)
fugolinispevack: absolutely no. You are the most experienced person in the group and you have all the rights to say what you say. You can only help me/us grow
spevackfugolini: well, thank you.  Here's what I would do if I were you:
spevackfugolini: write an email to fedora-ambassadors list that says something like this:
spevack"FAMSCO would like to have in-depth discussions with the most active ambassadors in each region of the world, and to do this during its upcoming meetings"
spevackWe propose a schedule of:
spevack(list the next 4 meetings, and pick a region for each)
spevackInvite *all ambassadors* in that region to attend the meeting
spevackAnd ask them to use the thread to discuss in advance any particular topics for that region
spevackthen send a bunch of reminders :)
fugolinisure, I'll do. Thank you
spevackanyone else have comments?  either from famsco or the general audience?
MrTomfugolini please define the discussion topics before the meeting, for example, each meeting should not turn into a event review meeting
spevackMrTom: yes, definitely a +1
spevackThings we are interested in discussing:
spevackis the region able to get the materials it needs?
spevackis the region appropriately funded?
spevackare there areas where we don't have ambassadors, and need to find some?
spevackdo people feel like the content they have is valuable?
* spevack interrupts a lot, sorry :)
MrTomcan all the event in the region be all covered ?
MrTomi would add this one as well
Joindresherry151 a rejoint ce canal (i=d2d40558 gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-af59b786739321ff).
MrTomthat's all for me
Joindrefugolini1 a rejoint ce canal (n=francesc host104-201-dynamic 21-87-r retail telecomitalia it).
ke4qqqSo my concern here is that we turn this into event review and consume an entire month of meetings doing reviews. The items spevack has listed might be better done once monthly - so one region per month - and perhaps have region's FAMSCo member send an email to the FAmSCo list detailling what's going on rather than iterating over the list in a meeting where our time is precious.
* ke4qqq apologizes for not waiting to be called
fugolini1I'm sorry but I went down
spevackke4qqq: doing one region per month, instead of per week, is a fine idea.
susmitbut that consumes 4 months, when do we improve then? :)
fugolini1sure, it will give us and community the possibility to prepare everything better
fugolini12 weeks
fugolini1every 2 weeks? isn't enough?
spevacki think that's a fair compromise.
ke4qqqsusmit: it still only consumes 4 weeks
* spevack encourages us to just get started
ke4qqqbut it lets us get things done in betwixt
spevackfugolini: you're the boss, you make the call on the time gap :)
* ke4qqq encourages us to move this procedural talk to the list and move on to other things that are more meeting centric
* delhage is interested to hear what inode0 had to say
fugolini1Someone can send me what spevack wrote before I went down ((09:23:01 PM) spevack: is the region able to get the materials it needs?)
herlothere's a meeting going on?
* spevack does that
* herlo didn't know about it
fugolini1thank you
ke4qqqherlo: famsco
ke4qqqinode0: just talk
herlooh shutting up
* inode0 is delighted by this opportunity and really thinks it will help ambassadors feel more connected to FAmSCo which in turn will help FAmSCo help us
fugolini1That's what I was going to do: we should have Tasks review, but if you don't like the "event review" style
QuitGeroldKa a quitté ce serveur ("Verlassend").
fugolini1I'm asking you what are the problem you want to discuss about your tasks?
spevackfugolini: i'd encourage you to continue with your agenda, if there are no other questions or comments
fugolini1ok,2. Tasks review
fugolini1But I'm asking, if you don't want the "event review" style, to tell me if there is something to discuss about the /Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Tasks_list
susmitI have no update about trac.
fugolini1Release Events: I'm trying to follow the release process and soon I'll start doing something concrete to plan Release Events
susmitwe have to start working on release events
susmitah..just said.
fugolini1sure, I have just started think about the structure but nothing concrete. If you have just something on the table, let us know
susmitno, nothing concrete
fugolini1This here I think instead of thinking at the budget POV ( a regional issue), to think about a global coordination of the activity. Tracking what Marketing is doing and spread it around the countries
fugolini1*not here, but year
Quitlcafiero a quitté ce serveur ("Leaving").
ke4qqqspevack: since release is after May15ish releaseparties will be in next quarters budget right?
spevackyeah, for sure.
spevackrelease parties will end up being charged against Q2
spevackwe'll probably play some budget tricks
spevackwhen we get close to the end of Q1
spevackand try to pre-pay for media in North America
spevackif there's money left
fugolini1ke4qqq: I just wrote about it some months ago
Joindrerogersinel1 a rejoint ce canal (n=rogers 88 80 164 157).
Quitcjg a quitté ce serveur (Remote closed the connection).
fugolini1Ok, any question for Release Events?
fugolini1Ok, any other task that need a discussion? Next week I'll send the reminder 2/3 days before asking for topic to discuss
* spevack will give some brief updates
fugolini1thank you
spevackWe continue work on upcoming FUDCons
spevackEMEA fudcon in Berlin in June
spevackit's going well -- we have a good organizational team
spevackLATAM FUDcon is rodrigo's responsibility as part of his job in RH LATAM Marketing.
spevackI'm trying to help him with things like budget and a "blueprint" for how we do a fudcon
spevackwill be having a meeting with him and another person in LATAM marketing next week
spevackThings are fine.  NA and EMEA expenses are coming in and being paid out.
spevackI need to do some coordination with Sankarshan, Susmit, and Harish to make sure we're doing the right things in India and Asia
spevackand LATAM regional budget will be another discussion w/ rodrigo and RH LATAM next week.
spevackthat's the high level overview
spevackany questions?
MrTomvery clear :)
susmitno question asked!!! :)
Quitfugolini a quitté ce serveur (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
RodrigoPadulano.. for me is very clear
spevackRodrigoPadula: we still need an answer from Martin on when th emeeting can happen :)
fugolini1So, anything to ask?
fugolini1As I said point 3 (mentoring) will be discussed in the next meeting. I think we are cleaning all the doubts trought the list
spevackI would like to make a brief comment on this
spevackbecause there was some chatter before the meeting between myself and ke4qqq
spevackthere has been a thread on the famsco list about mentoring, and in general about the good and the bad of the current process that people go through to become Ambassadors.
spevackDeeper than that
spevackthe discussion has
spevackstarted to reach a point where we have to ensure that growth is scalable
spevackin short, that we can grow our numbers while maintaining the ability for new ambassadors to get some training
spevackto improve our training
spevackand to make sure that the culture of the larger Ambassadors community is healthy
spevackI have volunteered
spevackas an action item
spevackto summarize in detail the discussions in this thread
spevackand send it to ambassadors list
spevackas a way of taking the discussion into th elarger community
spevackbut in a way that gives context
spevackand clear places for commentary
spevackrather than just starting from scratch
fugolini1sure, that's a great thing
spevackfamsco will make some decisions, explain them and justify them in public, and hopefully get them implemented
spevackquestions/comments of course welcome
fugolini1I just moved my doubts/suggestions in the list
fugolini1I agree with this move.
spevackanyone else?
MrTomi finally tend to be convinced little by little and see much more where we are going thanks to the thread
MrTomthank you all for being very clear on that subject
susmitlets see how it goes. I shall put my comments on the list.
spevackany other ambassadors have comments or thoughts?  This whole thing is pretty much the aftermath of the last dust-up about active/inactive stuff on ambassadors-list
* susmit hides
spevackbecause there are fundamental issues to discuss, of which active/inactive is just a symptom
spevacksusmit:  :)
fugolini1Ok, have you something not listed in the agend that need a discussion?
spevackanyway, i think i've used my word quota for the night.  /me shuts up
ke4qqqyou have a quota??
MrTomi think we should continue debating on the list
MrTomdebating on a subject for now seem to be too late I think
sherry151what sort of mentoring will it be. i mean the training you were talking about.
fugolini1ok, if there isn't nothing to say
fugolini1== Meeting Adjourned ==

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