[Ambassadors] 2009-03-19 FAMSCO Meeting Summary

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Sat Mar 21 15:12:19 UTC 2009

Hello and welcome to this eighth FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on March 19th 2009 on #fedora-ambassadors

Francesco Fugolini
Max Spevack
Joerg Simon
David Nalley
Susmit Shannigrahi
Rodrigo Padula

Regreted attendees:

Francesco starts by announcing the meeting agenda :
1. Region review (tell me who want to start)
2. Tasks review
3. Mentoring proposals (see David mail)
4. Budget
5. t.b.d.

1. Region review (tell me who want to start)
This first topic ran into a deep discussion about how to organize those
Region Reviews. Francesco was in favour of having Regional Leader
talking with FAmSCo in a defined meeting. One problem is that Regional
Leader are already part of FAmSCo (David, Max, Rodrigo). Therefore, Max
suggested to have specific meetings devoted to each region. This would
not limit the discussion with one people (aka
 - The Regional Leader) and would help people be closer to FAmSCo as
well. David pointed out that as these meeting needs to be well
organized and planned over several weeks, some discussions have to be
done inside FAmSCo before not to postpone them too long, like the
mentoring discussion. Then Max detailed the action plan to Francesco so
to agree on the communication stuff to achieve these Regional meetings.
David then asserts that one meeting per week would mean 4 regional
meeting in a month and would be vry heavy and time consuming.
The discussion about this topic will continue on FAmSCo list.

2. Tasks review
Francesco is following the release process and will start soon the
Relase Events topic.
Max is doing well with the organization of FUDCON in Berlin in June and
underlines the organizational team is efficient. Max is also helping
FUDCON in LATAM with budget issues.

3. Mentoring proposals (see David mail)
Max reminded that he volunteered to sumarize the FAmSco discussion and
to push this summary to the global ambassadors-list in order to go
implicate people in the discussion. Before, some work still need to be
done by FAmSCo: to ensure that growth is scalable in the new
organization and keep the ambassadors comunity healthy.

4. Budget
NA and EMEA expenses are coming in and being paid out. Max will have to
check with Sankarshan, Susmit, and Harish that things are doing well in
India and Asia. LATAM budget will involved Rodrigo.

Francesco adjourned the meeting
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