[Ambassadors] 2009-05-07 FAMSCO Meeting Summary

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Thu May 7 19:14:29 UTC 2009

Hello and welcome to this tenth FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on May 7th 2009 on #fedora-meeting

Francesco Fugolini
Thomas Canniot
Joerg Simon

Regreted attendees:
Rodrigo Padula
David Nalley
Max Spevack
Susmit Shannigrahi

Francesco announces the agenda...
1) Release Events: local organization and status
2) Release Events: what FAmSCo should do in the next weeks?
3) Release Events: is there any proposal to make to improve it (from
FAmSCo and people who will attend it).

... and asks to take account of Max' questions about Release Events :
(1) When will media be available in different regions?
(2) if the release event will be before media is available, will we
advertise that people should bring USB keys and can get Live USBs or
their own Fedora ISOs? (3) Are ambassadors in various regions starting
to think about the dates/locations of their release parties?  How do we
ensure that we have quality events?

Francesco starts by stating that he has invited people on the global
mailing to organize events for the release of Fedora 11. Joerg added
that FAMSCO should have a role of giving the impulse about Release
Events, that Thomas deepened by stating that he can't see FAMSCO's role
about Release Events dealing with concrete things (ordering rooms,
giving presentation, do some marketing, etc.). However, Thomas sees
FAMSCO's role in giving advice on organizing a good Release Event.
Thomas volunteers himself to write mail / blog post about how to
organize a Release Event.

Joerg also reminded everyone that we used to have competition between
Release Events. This was aimed at encouraging people doing good events
and doing good reports. This idea was welcomed.

Franceso adjourned the meeting.
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