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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Reminder

Just a quick reminder that FAmNA will be meeting tonight in the usual
place at the usual time.


There are some important topics to discuss this month including budget
for events in Q2, scheduling FAmNA meetings beginning in June, SELF,
new merchandise updates, and more.

I'm going to propose that at tonight's meeting and again at the
meeting on the 3rd Tuesday in May attendees can vote for the new
meeting schedule. Each person only gets one vote even if they attend
both meetings. I'll suggest the following meeting options but feel
free to propose others if you like.

(1) 1st Thursday/3rd Tuesday each month as we have met this quarter on
an experimental basis
(2) 1st and 3rd Tuesday or Thursday each month

We will have everyone state a preference for Tuesday or Thursday and
if (2) wins we'll go with the more popular day.

This is my suggestion but you can veto it at the meeting tonight so
don't be late!


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