[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Minutes from 2009-05-07

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Sat May 9 20:00:43 UTC 2009

(08:00:28 PM) inode0: FAmNA Meeting - agenda @
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(08:00:41 PM) inode0: wait for roll call StabbyMc :)
(08:00:44 PM) lcafiero: are we in session?
(08:00:50 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: and use .fas :)
(08:00:56 PM) StabbyMc: 'tis 9:00!
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(08:01:07 PM) inode0: it is immensely helpful if you use .wikilink instead
(08:01:22 PM) ***StabbyMc waits for roll call ...
(08:01:38 PM) herlo: inode0: I kind of disagree, wikilink is not cool
(08:02:00 PM) inode0: I'm the one moving it to the wiki so what helps
me matters more
(08:02:32 PM) inode0: doesn't that cut and paste into the list of
people attending?
(08:03:00 PM) inode0: Roll Call - I'll test
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(08:03:20 PM) inode0: ok, maybe not
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(08:03:40 PM) lcafiero: so . . .
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(08:06:04 PM) StabbyMc: More roll-call?
(08:06:20 PM) inode0: Are there any announcements that won't be
covered in the events or other sections of the meeting?
(08:06:59 PM) inode0: StabbyMc hides his name too
(08:07:05 PM) inode0: all round troublemaker
(08:07:27 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: lets not forget jerk, big, big jerk.
(08:07:52 PM) inode0: Ok, then let's take a quick look at events
(08:07:57 PM) ***herlo wants to announce something
(08:08:01 PM) inode0: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
(08:08:09 PM) ***herlo got pulled away on a phone call for a second...
(08:08:28 PM) herlo: or should I wait inode0 ?
(08:08:38 PM) ***inode0 notes that in Q1 we have events listed for
sudan and greece and other non-NA places
(08:08:55 PM) inode0: what are you wanting to do herlo?
(08:09:23 PM) inode0: oh, sorry, missed that - go ahead and announce away!
(08:09:35 PM) herlo: inode0: just wanting to mention that Fedora
Classroom is looking for presenters (I do this every time I'm here).
however, we've changed the format to a much more flexible format
(08:09:58 PM) inode0: yes, a good change I think
(08:10:05 PM) herlo: if you wish to present on anything on June 7,
sign up for any time all day (UTC) at
(08:10:06 PM) StabbyMc: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom  ?
(08:10:17 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: yes, and your's is correcter than mine
(08:10:49 PM) herlo: the idea being that we've got a much wider range
of presenters to gather during a 24 hour period
(08:11:11 PM) inode0: definitely, and a wider range of students too
(08:11:21 PM) herlo: also, I wanted to point out that we have a fedora
classroom mailing list now, and that we'll be starting to suggest
topics and announce events there as to not cause havoc to other
mailing lists as much
(08:11:30 PM) herlo: http://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/classroom
(08:11:30 PM) StabbyMc: herlo: the new format is 1 day not two, +
larger gaps between sessions?
(08:11:36 PM) leitz: herlo, I love the idea. Am in the middle of an
interstate move but hope to be involved more later.
(08:11:43 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: can be, but it's much more open yes
(08:11:57 PM) StabbyMc: herlo: Does this mean I name my own time?
(08:12:03 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: it is only 1 day, but if you think
about it, it really spans 2 days
(08:12:06 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: yep!
(08:12:18 PM) StabbyMc: V. Cool.
(08:12:41 PM) herlo: from 00:00UTC (that's like 8pm EDT) to 23:00 UTC
(7pm EDT).  The times might be off an hour or two
(08:12:59 PM) herlo: so go sign up on the mailing list
(08:13:05 PM) herlo: and we'll get the party started :)
(08:13:10 PM) ***herlo is eof
(08:13:18 PM) inode0: good information
(08:13:20 PM) crossbytes: sorry had to run out..all caught up now on reading ..
(08:13:27 PM) inode0: moving back to events now
(08:13:34 PM) herlo: crossbytes: sounds like a common thing :)
(08:13:38 PM) StabbyMc: herlo: heard anything more from Spevak about
new classroom?
(08:13:48 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: in what sense?
(08:13:49 PM) inode0: can I get a volunteer to fix the NA section so
it only has NA events?
(08:13:58 PM) ***StabbyMc will shut up now and wait until later.
(08:14:05 PM) StabbyMc: inode0: on it.
(08:14:05 PM) herlo: inode0: what happened?
(08:14:25 PM) inode0: do you not see the EMEA events in our Q1 list?
(08:14:41 PM) herlo: I do now
(08:14:45 PM) ***herlo hadn't looked
(08:14:51 PM) inode0: and actually our Q1 event in EMEAs too
(08:14:55 PM) herlo: we should probably also send a reminder email to
the ambassador list about that
(08:15:04 PM) herlo: so did it just get swapped?
(08:15:07 PM) inode0: ok, thanks StabbyMc
(08:15:28 PM) inode0: I don't know, I noticed it right before the meeting
(08:15:31 PM) herlo: nope, doesn't appear we have any q1 events there...
(08:15:47 PM) herlo: inode0: one thing about that too.  It'd be nice
if we kept the events there for the entire quarter.
(08:15:55 PM) inode0: the canada event is both places
(08:15:57 PM) herlo: it is hard to know what events took place without
that list...
(08:16:20 PM) herlo: indeed, canadia is not part of EMEA, however :)
(08:16:43 PM) StabbyMc: Fixy.
(08:16:55 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: hum, excuse me, that was me this afternoon...
(08:16:57 PM) inode0: herlo: I agree, will try to remember to ask Max
to relax for a quarter
(08:16:59 PM) herlo: inode0: so my point was, last quarter, I saw that
the events would drop off right after they were finished.  I think
that defeats the purpose of the event page...
(08:17:01 PM) djf_jeff: don't know how that happen...
(08:17:07 PM) herlo: inode0: oh, did max do that?
(08:17:10 PM) StabbyMc: Though I think they may have deleted our Q1
events, I had one there, now, no.
(08:17:17 PM) inode0: he normally manages that page iirc
(08:17:24 PM) herlo: StabbyMc: check the archive too, and history
(08:17:35 PM) herlo: k, I think I mentioned it to him the other day
(08:17:49 PM) djf_jeff: I will correct my fault, will not be long
(08:18:06 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: no problem djf_jeff - not sure what went wrong
(08:18:37 PM) inode0: more importantly we need to begin talking about
Q2 events now
(08:19:52 PM) inode0: let me take a minute to express one concern
several people in FAmNA share
(08:20:04 PM) djf_jeff: done for the edit
(08:22:05 PM) inode0: feeling responsibility to be a good shepherd of
Fedora's resources and feeling like we are mostly randomly assigning
funding to events is bothering some of us a bit
(08:22:35 PM) herlo: how so?
(08:22:52 PM) inode0: we would like to (a) not micromanage how funds
are spent for events but (b) have some basis for giving this event
$250 and that event $1,000
(08:23:09 PM) StabbyMc: Q1 events according to history were moved to archive...
(08:24:14 PM) inode0: so can we do anything to achieve those goals
that doesn't offend or burden people too much?
(08:25:10 PM) herlo: inode0: a couple thoughts...
(08:25:14 PM) inode0: we have 5 pretty important Q2 events coming up
(08:25:26 PM) herlo: we could set up some rough guidelines based upon
size and need
(08:25:54 PM) leitz: And expereince of presenter--I'd trust someone
who has done this for a while.
(08:25:57 PM) herlo: maybe we could get the event organizer to submit
a simple proposal for funds.  I think that'd be the easiest to get
(08:26:18 PM) herlo: something like:
(08:26:23 PM) herlo: Booth costs: $50
(08:26:36 PM) herlo: Room Costs: $150
(08:26:40 PM) herlo: etc...
(08:26:45 PM) herlo: depending on what it is...
(08:26:53 PM) inode0: I would be very happy if event owners could
submit a rough budget outline and request an amount
(08:26:57 PM) herlo: and it can be evaluated at each meeting ??
(08:27:03 PM) ninjazjb_: this was never done before?
(08:27:18 PM) herlo: ninjazjb_: it was done by FAmSCo before us
(08:27:26 PM) ninjazjb_: o
(08:27:32 PM) inode0: we have worked from funding events in a similar
fashion to how FAmSCo funded them so far
(08:27:38 PM) herlo: and they didn't really dole it out definitively either...
(08:27:59 PM) ***djf_jeff need to go out for 5 minutes
(08:28:09 PM) inode0: so if FAmSCo gave event X $750 and event Y was
similar to X we guessed $750 to be reasonable
(08:28:21 PM) herlo: right
(08:28:55 PM) ninjazjb_: i c
(08:29:08 PM) inode0: but I know I would be happier if the funding was
more directed toward need rather than just saying here is a pile of
cash - go find a way to spend it
(08:29:42 PM) inode0: herlo: certainly we can always revisit needs as
they arise too
(08:29:44 PM) herlo: a lot of the funding will probably be spent (this
year) in getting people to places where we don't normally have a
presence.  I think this is important
(08:29:55 PM) inode0: and our goal is to give every event what they need
(08:30:12 PM) herlo: if we pay for travel this year, we get a
community there next year and lower costs for running the event/FAD
(08:30:25 PM) ***herlo thinks that's what will happen at LFNW, for instance
(08:31:16 PM) crossbytes: I think the costs like herlo said would also
matter on how many people were how close to the event and costs of
Hotels vary dramatically place to place..
(08:31:25 PM) inode0: does anyone object to the idea of event owners
making a specific request for a funding level based on something early
(08:31:59 PM) ninjazjb_: would there be a separate wiki page for proposals?
(08:32:08 PM) leitz: No objection, assuming it can be adjusted as data comes in.
(08:32:13 PM) herlo: +1 inode0
(08:32:21 PM) inode0: crossbytes: traditionally people expenses
haven't been in the mix - so while we are trying to accommodate those
I really don't want ambassadors getting used to them :)
(08:32:30 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: +1
(08:32:36 PM) VileGent: maybe a tracker would work better for this
(08:33:15 PM) herlo: VileGent: could be, we could use the
famnaregionals trac instance for this too (or similar)
(08:33:42 PM) VileGent: herlo something
(08:34:34 PM) lcafiero: people expenses should be in the mix.
(08:34:38 PM) inode0: ok, then event owners for Q2 events please think
about this and try to submit a request by our first June meeting?
(08:35:05 PM) lcafiero: and they'll go way down when people in the
areas where events take place take the reins.
(08:35:26 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: no problem for me
(08:35:55 PM) inode0: lcafiero: there are differing opinions on this
and the history is that they haven't been
(08:36:28 PM) herlo: inode0: agreed
(08:36:33 PM) inode0: I think even people who side with the
traditional approach are agreeable to doing this to ramp things up now
(08:36:34 PM) lcafiero: right, inode0, but you don't have events when
you don't have people at them.
(08:36:37 PM) herlo: make sure we make a big announcement about this
(08:36:38 PM) leitz: Maybe the prospective Ambassador should work the
area and ensure community exists. Worked for Billy Grahm
(08:37:28 PM) herlo: leitz: I think what we're doing is building
community.  In some (many) cases, the community is there, but not
organized.  We need to travel some and build that community
(08:37:41 PM) inode0: lcafiero: actually what you have is events where
Fedora is represented by Red Hat employees which is not bad but also
isn't ideal
(08:38:06 PM) leitz: herlo--what I mean is that Billy Grahm didn't do
a revival in an area until the community pre-existed for post-event
(08:38:29 PM) leitz: Otherwise you're spending time and money on
something without making sure the long-term growth potential is there.
(08:39:08 PM) ***lcafiero checks and finds he's not a red hat employee.
(08:39:10 PM) inode0: we should work on developing a local presence at
the major conference locations that don't already have them
(08:39:14 PM) leitz: So if the ambassador got with some college
students or developers in the area before the event, you'd have a
greater chance for success.
(08:39:32 PM) herlo: leitz: that's why conferences are so great.  The
community comes there and is hunting for ways to participate :)
(08:39:45 PM) inode0: lcafiero: and if you hadn't gone to LFNW Fedora
would have been represented by Red Hat employees right?
(08:40:07 PM) lcafiero: Um, if I hadn't done the organizing, probably
not. But I don't know that for sure.
(08:40:10 PM) inode0: I think it was better to have you there
(08:40:49 PM) lcafiero: Then I don't see the objection to spending
funds to get people to places where needed, especially when said
people are taking time and making the effort.
(08:41:12 PM) lcafiero: Just an opinion.
(08:41:20 PM) inode0: lcafiero: actually no one objected
(08:41:33 PM) inode0: I objected to expecting it :)
(08:42:18 PM) leitz: If the Ambassadors are doing the pre-event work
with the local community, I think it's a great idea.
(08:42:34 PM) inode0: this really was a question about feeling like we
have some idea what we are doing when we allocate budget for events
(08:42:46 PM) lcafiero: your comment to crossbytes -- did I
misunderstand that as an objection to spending funds to get people to
(08:42:54 PM) lcafiero: crossbytes: traditionally people expenses
haven't been in the mix - so while we are trying to accommodate those
I really don't want ambassadors getting used to them :)
(08:43:08 PM) inode0: that was a warning that ambassadors should not
expect funding to go to events
(08:43:08 PM) lcafiero: (direct quote from above)
(08:43:59 PM) lcafiero: Right. Once folks get organized and in place
-- something we succeeded with at LFNW -- that cost will go way down.
(08:44:16 PM) herlo: indeed
(08:44:21 PM) VileGent: i meanted i was going to SELF to my lug and it
is looking like 3-4 more are coming as well
(08:44:24 PM) inode0: that is one goal
(08:44:48 PM) StabbyMc: Anyone flying into Atlanta for SELF that wants
a ride to Clemson?
(08:44:49 PM) lcafiero: But I don't think we should have ambassadors
second-guessing whether to take the reins of an event because they're
apprehensive about asking for travel.
(08:45:04 PM) herlo: I think inode0's argument is that we don't just
want to pay for a random ambassador to show up to an event unless
we're getting value.  That said, value usually comes with those
in-between experiences at a conference.
(08:45:09 PM) herlo: or event
(08:45:12 PM) lcafiero: Agreed.
(08:45:41 PM) lcafiero: Fortunately at LFNW, it was the perfect storm
because everyone contributed above and beyond.
(08:45:51 PM) ninjazjb_: i assumed that was implied as a vounteer
(08:45:52 PM) inode0: and I don't think taking the reigns should make
an ambassador expect to be funded for his expenses
(08:45:59 PM) herlo: spevack has argued this for years, I've seen gdk
do it too, and I am quite sure many, many others (including quiad)
would agree that having ambassadors at every event is very important.
(08:46:07 PM) inode0: it should be a case by case thing
(08:46:59 PM) herlo: ninjazjb_: right, we're all volunteers.
Sometimes though, you need assistance to accomplish the tasks that
benefit the community.  Money can help in those cases...we're just
asking for a bit of formality now :)
(08:47:11 PM) inode0: I think we've spent more than enough on that, agreed?
(08:47:16 PM) herlo: yep
(08:47:20 PM) ninjazjb_: yeah
(08:47:59 PM) lcafiero: no, but I'll stand aside. go ahead with the
rest of the meeting.
(08:48:12 PM) leitz: Would this be a case where you have more than one
level of Ambassador and privilidge?
(08:48:21 PM) inode0: So the folks who have Q2 events please start
thinking hard about budgets and make a specific (even though we
understand it might be rough) funding request in June
(08:48:44 PM) leitz: Someone who has done this before might get more
$$ and more freedom than someone learning the ropes, like me.
(08:48:52 PM) inode0: leitz: that is one big argument against funding
travel - it can appear to create a class system of ambassadors and
that isn't good
(08:49:01 PM) inode0: at least I don't think that is good
(08:49:31 PM) ninjazjb_: i wouldnt expect as being a newby to get
funding for projects...
(08:49:35 PM) leitz: As a most junior member, it doesn't bohter me at
all. You pring more value, you get more freedom.
(08:49:46 PM) leitz: pring/bring
(08:49:57 PM) StabbyMc: I think that's silly.  If the same rules for
travel reimbursement apply to everyone and they're applied evenly, it
won't be a problem.
(08:50:00 PM) lcafiero: Weren't we moving on?
(08:50:53 PM) inode0: yes, let's do
(08:51:06 PM) leitz: +1
(08:51:10 PM) inode0: Does anyone know anything about NECC? It doesn't
have an owner listed.
(08:51:45 PM) herlo: inode0: we should find out who put it up and get
them to help us find an owner
(08:53:20 PM) inode0: ok
(08:53:39 PM) inode0: two pretty quick requests for help
(08:53:45 PM) inode0: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Budget
(08:53:52 PM) inode0: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA/Tasks
(08:54:01 PM) inode0: these have issues
(08:54:06 PM) herlo: inode0: I can do the budget one
(08:54:10 PM) herlo: what needs to be done?
(08:54:11 PM) inode0: mostly from not being used or kept up to date
(08:54:25 PM) herlo: I assume that I just need to go through and clean
it up and identify what we've spent?
(08:54:51 PM) inode0: my request is for everyone who gets budget for
whatever to take the responsibility to make the budget page accurate
as events unfold
(08:54:59 PM) herlo: +1
(08:55:13 PM) djf_jeff: +1
(08:55:34 PM) leitz: +1
(08:55:37 PM) inode0: some of the new guys, doing swag work, probably
don't know about this so I'll talk to them later
(08:55:55 PM) lcafiero: +1
(08:57:46 PM) inode0: the tasks page I would like to really make the
same request for help with
(08:58:21 PM) inode0: if you do a task please add it, if documents for
project leaders and funders what you have done, and what FAmNA has
(08:58:45 PM) herlo: I think these are great ideas
(08:59:44 PM) inode0: I would like to sneak in the scheduling
discussion before release parties
(09:00:06 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: no problem with that
(09:00:26 PM) ***herlo has to go...
(09:00:28 PM) inode0: this is the penultimate meeting during our
experiment of switching meeting days
(09:00:37 PM) inode0: herlo: I'll cover for you
(09:00:50 PM) herlo: do I need to do something?  I can wait 5 mins
(09:01:00 PM) VileGent: inode link to tasks page please
(09:01:12 PM) inode0: herlo: no, not unless you will say something
different from our earlier conversation
(09:01:35 PM) inode0: VileGent: last link I pasted
(09:01:35 PM) herlo: ahh, indeed
(09:01:54 PM) inode0: ok, starting in June we have no schedule
(09:01:57 PM) inode0: for meetings
(09:02:25 PM) inode0: I'd like to take a vote between continuing
alternating and always meeting on the same day
(09:02:38 PM) inode0: does that sound reasonable? any other wishes?
(09:02:59 PM) ninjazjb_: i vote for the same day (if possible)
(09:03:09 PM) lcafiero: same day
(09:03:28 PM) StabbyMc: same day
(09:03:31 PM) inode0: I guess we'll being voting then :)
(09:03:34 PM) dthomasdigital: I'm late
(09:03:37 PM) inode0: begin
(09:03:45 PM) lcafiero: vote dthomasdigital vote!
(09:03:48 PM) VileGent: same day
(09:04:01 PM) djf_jeff: djf_jeff: same day if it's not thursday
because I can't attend 90% of the time...
(09:04:06 PM) dthomasdigital: Tuesday's Twice a month
(09:04:09 PM) lcafiero: same day
(09:04:14 PM) inode0: wait
(09:04:16 PM) ***VileGent motions for tuesdays
(09:04:21 PM) dthomasdigital: same day
(09:04:21 PM) inode0: wait
(09:04:31 PM) inode0: here are the initial choices
(09:04:44 PM) inode0: (1) alternating between Tuesday and Thursday
(09:04:51 PM) inode0: (2) meeting on the same day
(09:04:58 PM) StabbyMc: 2
(09:05:04 PM) VileGent: 2
(09:05:05 PM) ninjazjb_: 2
(09:05:06 PM) inode0: if (2) wins we will vote on whether it is
Tuesday or Thursday
(09:05:08 PM) dthomasdigital: 2
(09:05:18 PM) djf_jeff: 2
(09:05:23 PM) crossbytes: 2
(09:05:43 PM) inode0: ok, now I get to be the oddball again
(09:06:07 PM) inode0: I prefer (2) but I think (1) has substantially
increased participation
(09:06:13 PM) lcafiero: 2
(09:06:43 PM) inode0: so I'm going to vote 1
(09:06:50 PM) leitz: Then vote 3, same day, more people.   :P
(09:07:14 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: if everyone here on a thursday vote to
switch to tuesday, I think we got everyone involved
(09:07:28 PM) inode0: for the record please also indicate a vote for
Tuesday or Thursday
(09:07:35 PM) ninjazjb_: tuesday
(09:07:47 PM) VileGent: tuesday
(09:07:48 PM) crossbytes: tuesday
(09:07:48 PM) djf_jeff: tuesday
(09:07:49 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: we will also take votes at the next
Tuesday meeting
(09:07:55 PM) StabbyMc: Thursday
(09:07:57 PM) dthomasdigital: tuesday
(09:08:01 PM) lcafiero: tuesday
(09:08:10 PM) ***StabbyMc conceedes to tyrany of the majority!
(09:08:17 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: ah ok, didn't know that
(09:08:35 PM) inode0: StabbyMc: tonight's vote is only part - the
folks who come to the meeting on Tuesday's get to vote as well
(09:09:05 PM) inode0: has everyone who want to voted on this tonight?
(09:09:18 PM) inode0: oh, I forgot to
(09:09:20 PM) leitz: Yes. I'm more lurker than decider.  :)
(09:09:22 PM) inode0: Tuesday
(09:10:05 PM) inode0: ok, we'll conclude the voting in a couple of
weeks but I suspect we can all guess where this is headed
(09:10:27 PM) inode0: Release Parties!
(09:11:11 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: can we give you some help?
(09:12:12 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: are you still with us?
(09:12:29 PM) djf_jeff: not necessarily help, more to see what others are doing
(09:12:53 PM) inode0: ah, ok. feel free to just have the floor
(09:12:58 PM) dthomasdigital: inode0 I just got the proof from the
manufacturer and it looks exactly the way duffy wanted it, I Ok'd the
proof so we should have the case badges real soon.
(09:13:02 PM) inode0: ke4qqq: are you around for SELF?
(09:13:02 PM) djf_jeff: it is the first release party in Quebec and I
just want to see what others are planning, etc
(09:13:37 PM) inode0: dthomasdigital: thanks for the update and thank
you for your work making that happen
(09:13:43 PM) dthomasdigital: We are New Mexico will be having it's
first release party as well for fedora.
(09:13:54 PM) lcafiero: We'll be having a release party on June 6 at
the Felton LUG meeting.
(09:13:55 PM) djf_jeff: if there are ressources (graphics, etc)
already available
(09:14:18 PM) ***inode0 steps away briefly - carry on
(09:15:03 PM) djf_jeff: I plan to do some posters to announce the
release party with a friend here, I will try to post them to the
mailing list if it can help anyone
(09:15:22 PM) dthomasdigital: djf_jeff that would be great
(09:15:57 PM) lcafiero: Cabrillo College will have one as well, I'm
sure, but the LUG meets on the third Friday so it won't be until June
19 (I think)
(09:16:23 PM) dthomasdigital: When is 11's release date?
(09:16:44 PM) djf_jeff: May 26, normally
(09:17:05 PM) leitz: My anniversary...should be easy to remember.
(09:17:26 PM) djf_jeff: leitz: you will a beautiful gift on this day ;)
(09:17:42 PM) leitz: Thank you, one and all!   ;)
(09:19:08 PM) djf_jeff: good, I will try to post every graphics we do
to the mailing list
(09:20:00 PM) djf_jeff: I am impatient to see how many people will
come to the release party, ~75 people came to the ubuntu party last
(09:20:48 PM) inode0: Did you guys see Francesco's call for a release
party planning meeting?
(09:21:29 PM) inode0: He expressed I think a little disappointment at
today's FAmSCo meeting at the lack of response to it
(09:22:26 PM) dthomasdigital: I did, I was at work so I could not give
it the time I needed
(09:22:59 PM) djf_jeff: one question I had was is there anything
(pencil, stickers, etc) I can get for the release party? I didn't want
to order a complete ambassador kits to waste the F10 DVD...
(09:23:16 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: no, just see it, wonder how I miss it
(09:23:30 PM) inode0:
(09:24:11 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: order an ambassador kit regardless if
you haven't
(09:24:31 PM) inode0: and ask for whatever supplies you need for your
release party too
(09:25:07 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: good, will do it tomorrow
(09:25:15 PM) inode0: and everyone please consider a usb station at
your party and advertise its availability
(09:25:52 PM) crossbytes: is there artwork for a usb station yet?
(09:26:02 PM) ***inode0 doesn't know
(09:26:37 PM) ***leitz doesn't know the details of a USB station...
(09:26:39 PM) inode0: it isn't required though - just a laptop
(09:26:45 PM) crossbytes: I thought it would be good to have it for
the event box ..
(09:26:59 PM) crossbytes: the artwork not the laptop..
(09:27:30 PM) StabbyMc: I have a T40 or T41 that could be in the event
box, if someone wanted ...
(09:28:01 PM) inode0: we have laptops donated by HP for all the event
boxes - those aren't used at release parties though
(09:29:02 PM) inode0: it is very easy to set up your laptop to create
bootable usb sticks with Fedora for people
(09:29:16 PM) VileGent: ok aters battleaxe says bedtime
(09:29:24 PM) inode0: night VileGent
(09:29:41 PM) djf_jeff: good night
(09:29:49 PM) leitz: night night
(09:29:53 PM) ninjazjb_: night
(09:30:20 PM) inode0: let me mention before we wrap up that davdunc
has ordered 10,000 Fedora logo tattoos for our upcoming events as well
(09:30:29 PM) inode0: those should be arriving in the next couple of weeks
(09:30:31 PM) lcafiero: +1
(09:31:02 PM) inode0: and let me encourage everyone else that
producing swag for us isn't that hard to do
(09:31:05 PM) crossbytes: +1
(09:31:17 PM) inode0: and the more we distribute that work the easier
it is for everyone who does it
(09:31:29 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: just before you close up, I want to
ask if that's a good thing to open a Canada section for FreeMedia like
I ask before, just in time for F11
(09:31:41 PM) inode0: dthomasdigital and davdunc joined the swag
producing minions of Fedora recently
(09:31:58 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: absolutely
(09:32:21 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: If you have time I'd like to talk with
you after the meeting briefly too
(09:32:44 PM) djf_jeff: there is no Canada section at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/FreeMedia so I was
wondering if I can start it
(09:32:55 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: no problem
(09:33:06 PM) inode0: so if anyone would like help by arranging Fedora
stickers or Fedora pens or anything else please please please talk
with us
(09:33:17 PM) inode0: we can help you through the process
(09:33:41 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: yes, absolutely, do it!
(09:34:06 PM) dthomasdigital: I will testify to that inode0 and lots
of folks at red hat helped me a lot with the case badge project.
(09:34:18 PM) inode0: good opportunity to remind everyone that you
very seldom actually need anyone's permission to do anything :)
(09:34:29 PM) djf_jeff: good, will do tomorrow
(09:34:40 PM) StabbyMc: is maxamillion defeated on pens?
(09:35:02 PM) inode0: we want you to do things you enjoy, if they
aren't being done just grab hold of them and start doing them
(09:35:37 PM) leitz: I have the same philospohy in marriage...
(09:36:01 PM) ***inode0 reminds leitz this meeting is logged forever
(09:36:11 PM) ninjazjb_: lol
(09:36:13 PM) dthomasdigital: lol
(09:36:27 PM) inode0: and can be used in divorce proceedings
(09:37:26 PM) ***leitz is too old and slow to catch anyone execpt the
one he already caught...
(09:37:30 PM) inode0: are there any other open floor items for tonight?
(09:38:58 PM) inode0: ok, let's wrap this meeting then and carry on in
(09:39:20 PM) inode0: thank you all for coming as always, next meeting
on the 3rd Tuesday in May
(09:39:22 PM) inode0: 5
(09:39:23 PM) inode0: 4
(09:39:25 PM) inode0: 3
(09:39:27 PM) inode0: 2
(09:39:29 PM) inode0: 1
(09:39:38 PM) inode0: EOM

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