[Ambassadors] Fedora Ambassadors NA Summary and log

scott mcbrien smcbrien at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 04:13:47 UTC 2009

Hi everyone, just wanted to drop the summary and log of the recent
Fedora NA Ambassadors meeting from Tuesday.

A high level overview of topics:

Larry reminds us that SCaLE is rapidly approaching, February is just
around the corner
Recap of the best way to handle NA donations
SWAG update on inventory as well as new items in queue
RFC on NA Freemedia

The meeting bot minutes:


For your convenience the log is in included, but can also be found at:


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02:00:16 <VileGent> i always heard it was the chairpersons watch is to
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02:00:34 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassador meeting 11/3
02:00:37 <zodbot> VileGent: User: jbwillia, Name: Ben Williams, email:
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02:01:05 <lcafiero> Wow, zod handled that well
02:01:05 <StabbyMc> Anyone else for roll call?
02:01:10 <PhrkOnLsh> poor zod :)
02:01:32 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Events
02:01:45 <StabbyMc> Ok lcafiero you have the floor
02:01:48 * lcafiero raises hand
02:01:51 <lcafiero> Thanks, StabbyMc
02:02:16 <lcafiero> I just wanted to bring up to beat the holiday rush
that SCaLE is being held on Feb. 19-21 in Los Angeles.
02:02:46 <PhrkOnLsh> lcafiero: what is the deadline to register?
02:02:51 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: what kind of events are at SCaLE?
02:02:54 <lcafiero> The Linux Dairy Council, which I'll talk about
more later, wants to do a "megabooth" which SCaLE thinks would be OK
02:03:17 <lcafiero> SCaLE is the Southern California Linux Expo --
it's sort of the first big show of the year.
02:03:31 <lcafiero> So there's a booth and talks and we normally have a FAD
02:03:40 <lcafiero> Which we'll probably have this year as well.
02:04:10 * jds2001 wants to get out there again.....
02:04:29 <lcafiero> The idea that's being bounced around is having one
large booth/one large area for all distros and desktops to be
02:04:46 <lcafiero> So I don't know how that affects budget, but I
will be asking for sponsorship again.
02:04:53 <lcafiero> I just wanted to put this on the radar.
02:05:08 * nb here
02:05:10 <lcafiero> Unless there are questions, I can put more
information on the mailing list
02:05:11 <PhrkOnLsh> i'm confused by that... It's a Linux expo... and
they want to group all the linuxen into one big group?
02:05:14 * VileGent wants to go, and will if finances allows
02:05:34 * PhrkOnLsh will go if rents approve. I'll chill in the Fedora booth :)
02:05:38 <VileGent> PhrkOnLsh,  sounds like what most east coast cons
02:05:41 <lcafiero> Not that confusing, PhrkOnLsh -- in the past, we
were on one end of the floor, OpenSUSE on another, Ubuntu on even
02:05:58 <jds2001> and KDE way out where
02:06:04 <jds2001> etc etc
02:06:17 <lcafiero> The megabooth idea, floated by Joe Brockmeier of
OpenSUSE, would have all the distros and DEs together
02:06:26 <lcafiero> DE = Desktop Environment
02:06:32 <PhrkOnLsh> ahh
02:06:46 <PhrkOnLsh> well, i thought it meant they'd be represented as one :)
02:06:49 <lcafiero> And all the other exhibitors wherever they may
fall on the floor map.
02:06:51 <PhrkOnLsh> and I omgwtfbbq'd
02:06:57 <lcafiero> Heh.
02:07:01 <jds2001> oh, no :)
02:07:06 <jds2001> but we do all get along :)
02:07:24 <PhrkOnLsh> I'll bring toiler paper ;) we can TP the *buntus ;)
02:07:29 <PhrkOnLsh> </joking>
02:07:52 <StabbyMc> Any other events need mentioning?
02:07:52 <lcafiero> But I wanted to just bring everyone up to speed on this.
02:08:09 * jds2001 needs to do blog post on CPOSC
02:08:11 * jds2001 fails
02:08:32 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: We probably need to add this as a
recurring event once a month, maybe more when it looms closer.
02:08:47 <lcafiero> Got it, StabbyMc (makes a note)
02:09:05 <StabbyMc> jds2001: anything good for CPOSC?
02:09:08 <VileGent> hopefully its on the event list
02:09:49 <jds2001> StabbyMc: well attended, excellent venue this year,
got a lot of compliments on the booth
02:09:58 <jds2001> the vertical banners were a big hit :)
02:10:04 <jds2001> the ubuntu folks loved em
02:10:07 <lcafiero> +1 big hit at UTOSC too.
02:10:12 <StabbyMc> jds2001: what kind of traffic did you get?
02:10:13 <lcafiero> (sorry)
02:10:48 <StabbyMc> nm, I'll wait for the report ;-)
02:10:50 <jds2001> StabbyMc: reasonable
02:10:52 <StabbyMc> Other events?
02:10:52 <jds2001> sorry
02:11:26 <StabbyMc> Ok, then lets shift gears.
02:11:26 <PhrkOnLsh> ABLEconf was weekend before last. I gve out a ton of media.
02:11:32 <StabbyMc> oops.
02:11:33 <PhrkOnLsh> But I already blagged about it.
02:11:36 <PhrkOnLsh> move along :)
02:11:41 <StabbyMc> :-)
02:11:47 <StabbyMc> #topic NA Budget
02:12:00 <StabbyMc> So I had an interesting thing come up this week RE Budget.
02:12:14 <StabbyMc> I was hoping some of the more experienced
ambassadors could advise.
02:12:29 <StabbyMc> I have a friend who switched his company over to
all Fedora thinclients.
02:12:43 <StabbyMc> He'd like to donate the savings from the conversion to us.
02:13:04 <StabbyMc> But since our budget and whatnot is handled by RH,
and he doesn't want to write a check to RH ...
02:13:15 <StabbyMc> So inode0 suggested that he buy us stuff.
02:13:27 <VileGent> +1
02:13:40 <StabbyMc> Someone else suggested that they use that money to
pay an employee for some hours to donate to an OSS project.
02:14:03 <VileGent> +1 as well
02:14:04 <lcafiero> Could you tell us how much we're talking about here?
02:14:07 <PhrkOnLsh> alright folks I'm out, sorry for splitting so early.
02:14:11 <StabbyMc> I think the first option, where he buys us stuff
is more likely, though he's only going to want to do one transaction.
02:14:19 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: we haven't gotten that far.
02:14:22 <lcafiero> Just curious, but if you can't that's okay.
02:14:22 <Ac-town> +1 for the oss project
02:14:25 <lcafiero> Ah, got it.
02:14:39 <StabbyMc> I'm still trying to figure out the mechanics of
how one could donate to Fedora.
02:14:59 <inode0> There are no mechanics for giving cash to Fedora in NA
02:15:01 <lcafiero> I don't know if you can, StabbyMc
02:15:06 <lcafiero> (what inode0 said)
02:15:10 <VileGent> StabbyMc,  i say buy some swag
02:15:17 <StabbyMc> Well, not by writing a check, no.
02:15:20 <inode0> You can give cash the non-profit in EMEA
02:15:32 <StabbyMc> Ok.
02:15:37 <jds2001> but that will be locked away in EMEA
02:15:54 <inode0> not really, they can spend it how they see fit
02:15:57 * nb wonders why not to make a nonprofit in NA
02:16:06 <jds2001> lots of reasons.
02:16:08 <inode0> don't go there nb :)
02:16:16 <StabbyMc> I have a feeling that he'd be OK with buying swag,
but I think he's going to want to keep it to one transaction, so once
i know how much we're talking about, I can advise more.
02:16:32 <jds2001> that's likely the best
02:16:38 <inode0> actually there is ongoing work to that end, but
let's discuss it later
02:16:45 <jds2001> and we'd like to give his company credit somehow, too.
02:16:48 <StabbyMc> But I also thought this was a topic that would be
good to just throw out there so some newer ambassadors could benefit
from the discussion as welll.
02:16:52 <lcafiero> Also, putting an employee on an OSS project would
be good, too.
02:17:15 <StabbyMc> jds2001: I don't think you want to do that,
they're  ... um ... Adult Themed.
02:17:27 <jds2001> ok, then maybe not :)
02:17:56 <StabbyMc> Ok, so I'll follow up on that, and see what I can nail down.
02:18:03 <lcafiero> This has some promotional possibilities for all
involved -- media-wise.
02:18:04 <inode0> maybe they can work a deal with gnaughty?
02:18:13 <jds2001> but do let me know who they are so I can utilize
their products :D
02:18:20 <StabbyMc> lol
02:18:29 <StabbyMc> Anyone else have any Budget items?
02:18:43 <inode0> don't you?
02:18:51 <StabbyMc> I don't know, do I?
02:19:02 <inode0> swag research?
02:19:21 <StabbyMc> inode0: I need more to jog my slow mind.
02:19:28 <VileGent> well i was looking into usb keys and they are
still way too expensive  $9.20 each in 500 quanities
02:19:42 <inode0> shirts, clings, etc
02:19:57 <StabbyMc> inode0: ah, I have that in the "Task List Review" section!
02:20:04 <VileGent> 1gb or 2gb size same price
02:20:19 * inode0 stops trying to run the meeting, slaps his own fingers
02:20:25 <StabbyMc> lol
02:20:36 <Grantbow__> I've also noticed some artificial limits on
downward pricing of USB sticks
02:20:37 <lcafiero> No, let me do that for you, inode0
02:21:03 <VileGent> swag wise what do we have the most of
02:21:30 <StabbyMc> #topic Swag and Task List Review
02:21:35 <inode0> sticker sheets and tattoos
02:21:36 <VileGent> or what do we need i guess is the best question
02:21:37 * jds2001 has stuff left over from CPOSC, but not shirts.
02:22:06 <StabbyMc> BTW, how much do we pay per piece for the splatter shirts?
02:22:20 * StabbyMc is curious.
02:22:23 <inode0> about $6
02:22:34 * jds2001 has tattoos (which i didnt even realize were in the
bag til tmz pointed it out), pens, stickers, etc.
02:23:18 <inode0> the old white shirts were about $3.75
02:23:25 <StabbyMc> So the regional distribution folks, we running low
on anything in particular?
02:23:34 <inode0> most everything
02:23:44 <lcafiero> Usually everything.
02:24:01 * jds2001 will take inventory and get back with what I've got
that's sitting in my apartment and doing nothing productive.
02:24:04 <StabbyMc> So is there anything so awesome that we want to do
a replenishment order instead of ordering new items?
02:24:17 <lcafiero> I left all the stuff for the West Coast in the
event box, so that's all I have, and I think herlo still has it.
02:24:23 <inode0> what new items are under consideration?
02:24:41 <lcafiero> If I remember correctly, we're still good with
tattoos, pens and case badges
02:24:50 <StabbyMc> PhrkOnLsh has been working on stressballs, but is
just starting the research to getting quotes.
02:24:59 * lcafiero has been very stingy with case badges.
02:25:02 <StabbyMc> I
02:25:10 <StabbyMc> I've been working on Window Clings
02:25:13 * inode0 applauds lcafiero
02:25:23 <StabbyMc> I think those are the only new items in the pipeline.
02:25:25 <Ac-town> window clings +1
02:25:42 <StabbyMc> Ok, I wanted to talk a little about those.
02:25:43 <inode0> we have probably 1K pens floating about
02:26:05 <StabbyMc> So I got some samples and the window clings I got
are only cling-y on one side.
02:26:24 <StabbyMc> Plus they only cling to smooth surfaces, so like
my IBM laptop, no love.
02:26:29 <StabbyMc> Windows they work like champs.
02:26:53 <nb> what is the cost on them?
02:26:58 <nb> and how big?
02:26:58 <StabbyMc> But for about the same money as clings we can get
nice vynl stickers like what they have in EMEA
02:27:41 <VileGent> which vinyl sticker are you talking about
02:27:53 <inode0> nice stickers aren't all that expensive, just need
someone to line them up and we'd buy some
02:27:56 <StabbyMc> .277 cents per piece if we order 2500.
02:28:07 <StabbyMc> so like $700
02:28:17 <StabbyMc> For clings
02:28:44 <inode0> half that amount I'd sign off on without thinking about it
02:29:00 <inode0> 1250 of those seems like quite a lot to me
02:29:20 <jds2001> price/piece probably goes up though
02:29:25 <inode0> not everyone would want to decorate their cars and
houses with them
02:29:35 <inode0> 1000 is a lot
02:29:45 <inode0> get my point :)
02:29:49 <StabbyMc> inode0: 530 for 750 of them.
02:30:17 <VileGent> but they dont eat, and you dont have to change their diaper
02:30:18 <inode0> I'd have to think on that
02:30:23 <StabbyMc> But I've been thinking that vynl stickers would
appeal to a larger audience.
02:30:34 <jds2001> yeah, they would
02:30:42 <inode0> StabbyMc: they would, but don't think either/or
02:30:45 <VileGent> depends on the sticker you are refering to
02:30:46 <jds2001> so is pricing similar on those?
02:31:13 <StabbyMc> jds2001: I looked only briefly at it, but I seem
to remember that it was similar.
02:31:42 <VileGent> StabbyMc,  are you referring to the 3" voice sticker
02:31:43 <StabbyMc> VileGent: EMEA has a sticker that's vynl of the Finity.
02:31:55 <inode0> we can get sticker sheets like BF sells with a 3"
bubble and 6 case badge style stickers for under 50 cents a sheet iirc
02:32:13 <StabbyMc> Theirs is diecut, which makes it more pricey.  I'd
want to do a square and if someone wanted just the finity they could
cut it themselves.
02:32:18 <Grantbow__> is a url available to see the sticker?
02:32:38 * inode0 would want them pre-cut
02:32:46 <StabbyMc> I haven't done a lot of research on the sticker,
so I don't have mockups or pricing and whatnot.
02:33:03 <StabbyMc> I'm just looking at the cling and comparing that
with the desires of VileGent and feeling that it falls far short.
02:33:17 <inode0>
02:33:26 <jds2001> inode0: pre-cut as in not a sheet?
02:33:32 <jds2001> on a roll or something?
02:33:36 <inode0> crappy image but those are nice stickers and we can
do something similar for a reasonable cost
02:33:56 <inode0> jds2001: no, a sheet but the stickers peel off, you
don't need to cut anything
02:34:07 <StabbyMc> jds2001: more that when you peel them off the
back, they're a shape, rather than square.
02:34:12 <jds2001> oh, ic
02:34:14 <Grantbow__> damn it - why don't redhat pages load in Chromium?
02:34:26 <jds2001> that's a brandfuel page, not a RHT one :)
02:34:28 <VileGent>
02:34:41 <StabbyMc> inode0: we can look at the numbers, but I have a
feeling that die cut is going to be more expensive.
02:34:49 <VileGent> seems to be the one most people perfer
02:35:13 <inode0> we had a vendor lined up for those at one point
02:35:17 <StabbyMc> VileGent: yes something like that, but not $2 per piece ;-)_
02:35:53 <inode0> the bottom line is that everyone likes nice stickers
02:36:10 <inode0> so when someone lines them up we'll do everything we
can to fund them
02:36:10 <StabbyMc> But my larger question is ditch the clings and
start looking at stickers?  Keep the clings and not stickers?  Or keep
clings and also look at stickers?
02:37:01 * inode0 votes for both but would like a smaller amount of
clings for less money which he might not get
02:37:14 <nb> is there any of our current supplies that we need to replenish?
02:37:38 <inode0> nb: yes but that is always the case
02:37:39 <StabbyMc> inode0: the pricing looks really good at 2500+,
less than 1000 I think it'll be difficult to get a good number vs.
what we're paying for them.
02:37:52 <inode0> if you buy 300 shirts they will go right out the door
02:38:06 <nb> yeah
02:38:31 <inode0> we are almost always out of shirts because we can't
pace ourselves :)
02:38:58 <jds2001> we should make ppl do something for them
02:39:07 <jds2001> sign up in FAS == shirt
02:39:16 <jds2001> they'd go a lot slower at that rate.
02:39:28 <VileGent> jds2001,  that works at cons we have network access
02:39:51 <VileGent> Ohio Linuxfest is not the case as you know
02:39:57 <jds2001> yeah :(
02:40:15 * jds2001 keeps hoping beyond hope that they'll fix that
02:40:31 <StabbyMc> So my other SWAG item is button-ups.  I'm waiting
on a proof from the vendor.
02:40:35 <jds2001> but internet there is prohibitively expensive aiui
02:40:41 <inode0> I'm always for expanding our inventory of new things
02:40:48 <StabbyMc> They'll be about $30 + shipping.
02:40:54 <inode0> Replacing old things is easier but a bit boring
02:41:04 <jds2001> not all that bad....
02:41:28 <StabbyMc> Our first run is white shirts I think.  That's the
demo shirt I've ordered.
02:41:37 <VileGent> inode0,  case badges and stickers are always very popular
02:41:43 <StabbyMc> With the virtical logo applied to the left chest.
02:42:31 <StabbyMc> Anyone who wants more details can hit me up in
fedora-ambassadors post-meeting.
02:42:43 <inode0> they look nice on the web
02:42:52 <nb> is NA making a polo order any time soon?
02:43:07 <inode0> and they won't be ambassador specific, for anyone in Fedora
02:43:37 <inode0> nb: someone on the list needs to poke pcalarco
02:43:42 <nb> ok
02:44:24 <StabbyMc> So I feel like I butted in on a convo about
replenishment orders.
02:44:46 <StabbyMc> Are we spending money on replenishment?
02:44:51 <inode0> someone can suggest a specific thing for swag if
they would like to
02:44:59 <StabbyMc> I don't know that I'll have my stuff ready to be
paid by end of quarter.
02:45:15 <jds2001> I like my Novell penguin
02:45:21 <jds2001> but they're probably pretty expensive
02:45:36 <inode0> I'm not sure we have any money to spend, will run
whatever we want up the flagpole
02:46:17 <inode0> this Q ends in 2 weeks more or less
02:46:22 <lcafiero> !
02:46:35 <StabbyMc> If I had to vote, I'd say Splatter Tees and case badges.
02:46:44 <inode0> spevack: can you comment? Do we have something that
needs acting on before the end of the quarter?
02:46:55 <Grantbow__> F12 at the end of the quarter, nice
02:47:07 <inode0> StabbyMc: you just said $3,000 - I don't see that
happening in the short term
02:47:20 <lcafiero> I was going to ask about F12 media -- has that
been brought up?
02:47:31 <jds2001> youre a mindreader lcafiero :)
02:47:35 <inode0> we are buying it :)
02:47:39 <jds2001> :)
02:47:44 <inode0> I hope a little less of it
02:47:47 <StabbyMc> It's going to hit Q4's budget though, right?
02:47:47 <lcafiero> but the money has been budgeted and set aside.
02:47:53 <lcafiero> Less would be OK, I think.
02:47:53 <jds2001> from whom, how much does it cost, is it budgeted?
02:48:06 <inode0> yes, it is taken care of
02:48:10 <lcafiero> Whew.
02:48:22 <lcafiero> thanks, inode0
02:48:32 <inode0> I think it costs around $4,000
02:49:05 <Grantbow__> I need to check on the DIY sleeve, not sure how
far long that is.
02:49:15 <nb> DIY sleeve?
02:49:18 <inode0> that is a good idea
02:49:36 <Grantbow__> it was a discussion on the artwork mail list - a
one pager to fold as a CD sleeve
02:49:50 <Grantbow__> I'll report back next time
02:50:52 <StabbyMc> Ok, if no objections I'll put us to open floor?
02:51:04 * inode0 needs to step aside for 5 minutes, will be back to
talk about FreeMedia asap
02:51:24 <StabbyMc> #topic Open Floor
02:51:34 <StabbyMc> Any topics for open floor?
02:51:48 <StabbyMc> (besides inode0 who we're waiting for)
02:54:31 <lcafiero> Yes.
02:54:34 <lcafiero> Wait a minute
02:54:45 <lcafiero> I had something earlier.
02:54:54 <lcafiero> I'll yield until I can think of what it is.
02:55:01 * lcafiero reminds everyone that age is cruel
02:55:28 * inode0 is back
02:56:12 <inode0> shall I go on FreeMedia?
02:56:16 <StabbyMc> yep
02:56:54 <inode0> I'm frustrated as are others with one aspect of the
way things are working currently and would like to investigate making
a change
02:57:14 <inode0> the problem: the request form is only open for 2 or
3 days a month
02:57:37 <inode0> the reason: that is long enough to overwhelm some
regions with so many requests they can't fill them
02:58:01 <inode0> the problem for NA: we only get 20 requests per
month this way and we could fill many more
02:58:26 <inode0> my goal: have the NA request form open all the time
02:58:34 <nb> i have some to add when you get done inode0
02:58:41 <jds2001> have you talked to susmit about it?
02:58:48 <jds2001> maybe he could do that.
02:59:15 <inode0> I just opened an infra ticket requesting some
solution to this problem today
02:59:20 <nb> jds2001, it is not really possible the way it is
currently set up to block some regions and allow others
02:59:28 <nb> my idea is to make fedorahosted.org/freemedia-na
02:59:34 * inode0 yields to nb
02:59:36 <nb> and have fedoraproject.org/freemedia/na-form.html or something
03:00:00 <nb> it would use the same "freemedia" group in FAS
03:00:15 <jds2001> yeah, that was a hack to do
03:00:24 * jds2001 did the web side of that
03:00:30 <jds2001> i'd rather not perpetuate it
03:00:51 <jds2001> and it's not perfect, either
03:00:53 <nb> or link people to new ticket in trac and tell them to
make their request tehre?
03:01:13 <jds2001> can a non-authenticated person make a new ticket in trac?
03:01:17 <inode0> mainly I just don't want one region of the world to
block the rest of the world in their efforts to spread Fedora through
this program
03:01:22 <nb> jds2001, they do now with the freemedia form
03:01:24 <jds2001> if so, that'd be a solution
03:01:28 <nb> it runs as an unauthenticated user
03:01:42 <jds2001> oh, i didnt know if it did or ntop
03:01:49 <nb> so i assume they could use the normal interface (as long
as unauthenticated has TICKET_CREATE)
03:01:55 <jds2001> with NA, we dont have to worry so much about the
language thing
03:01:57 <nb> i looked at the code a little today
03:03:08 <nb> do we have mexico and canada people that can take those tickets?
03:03:13 <nb> or people from USA that will ship there?
03:03:23 <inode0> canadians handle canada nowq
03:03:25 <lcafiero> Isn't mexico part of latam
03:03:26 * jds2001 just looked and anonymous doesnt have TICKET_CREATE
03:03:59 <inode0> and yes, mexico is not part of NA in this respect
03:04:00 <nb> jds2001, they remove it when the form closes
03:04:09 <jds2001> oh
03:04:59 * lcafiero thinks it should be, geographically speaking, but
probably functions better in latam.
03:05:35 <inode0> my argument holds for them too and everyone else who
wants to keep their form open
03:06:24 <inode0> for several months I didn't participate because
there were no unfilled NA requests
03:07:28 <inode0> probably we should raise the idea on the FreeMedia
list for everyone's consideration
03:07:52 <inode0> I just wanted to let FAmNA know I kicked off the
disccussion and get feedback from you first
03:09:42 <StabbyMc> Other open floor?
03:09:53 <lcafiero> Yes, the Linux Dairy Council (that was it)
03:10:02 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: you pull that item out of the
netheregions of you mind?
03:10:13 <lcafiero> Yeah, I'm lactose intolerant :-)
03:10:25 <StabbyMc> So noted.
03:11:04 <StabbyMc> Ok it's getting to be about that time, any other items?
03:11:08 <lcafiero> But anyway, earlier this year (I think) Paul
Frields and Joe Brockmeier and others talked about forming a sort of
distro consortium around promoting desktop Linux
03:11:32 <lcafiero> Anyway, herlo and I were at the first irc meeting
a few days ago and it looks like it's shaping up to be an interesting
03:11:44 <Grantbow__> url?
03:12:01 <lcafiero> So I wanted to mention that it's getting started
after being dormant for a better part of the year.
03:12:27 <lcafiero> IRC = #linuxdairy in freenode and url =
03:12:35 <lcafiero> It's a mailing list at the moment.
03:12:37 <Grantbow__> ty
03:12:50 <lcafiero> Sort of a committee of correspondence.
03:13:04 <lcafiero> That's all -- I'll be posting updates, as
warranted, on the mailing list.
03:13:11 <StabbyMc> Cool.
03:13:12 * inode0 cringes at the connection with the dairy council
every time he sees it
03:13:39 * StabbyMc gets ready to call the meeting to a close unless
someone stops me.
03:14:01 <lcafiero> Yeah, we've had this discussion, inode0 -- it's
the idea of a consortium moreso than anything, and the name is not
etched in stone
03:14:22 <StabbyMc> 5
03:14:32 <StabbyMc> 4
03:14:38 <StabbyMc> 3
03:14:47 <StabbyMc> 2
03:14:53 <StabbyMc> 1
03:14:58 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting

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