[Ambassadors] Review about Free Software Conference 2009 in Budapest, Hungary

Zoltan Hoppar hopparz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 06:28:45 UTC 2009

Well, at last - I really happy to hear this news. Hopefully you get
everything in alltogether as it was on your luggage.

Ps: Robert, If you could then please share the presents between Chis, Joerg,
and you - as for thanks. Without you guys... could not be the same success.

See u,


2009/11/7 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org>

> On Mon, 02 Nov 2009, Robert Scheck wrote:
> > On Sunday, I flew back from Budapest via Munich to Stuttgart (the last
> part
> > of the trip with a tiny prop airliner) - and unfortunately Lufthansa
> didn't
> > manage it to bring my baggage to Stuttgart. I started baggage tracking,
> but
> > right now and even hours after, they've absolutely no clue as the digital
> > tracking for my baggage is somehow just empty. If they are incompetent,
> we
> > have lost (beside of my clothes, shoes, washbag etc.) some Fedora plastic
> > banners, my Fedora Ambassador polos and the presents from Zoltán - and
> that
> > would be a real loss. Let's hope and cross fingers...
> Fortunately Lufthansa found my baggage somewhere at the Munich airport, so
> we haven't lost any Fedora equipment. An my baggage got delivered to me at
> Thursday and everything was in there - so it was overall a successful event
> to me personally now :)
> Greetings,
>   Robert
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