[Ambassadors] Self Introduction

Caius 'kaio' Chance - かいお k at kaio.me
Sat Nov 14 02:16:41 UTC 2009


My name is Caius 'kaio' Chance. I have been using Fedora as my main
system since 5 years ago. I am a Fedora package maintainer in last 3.5

Currently I am maintaining ibus-table (and most of its table packages),
liberation-fonts, cjkuni-fonts, scim-tables (and chinese table
packages), and a few more packages in Fedora.

I have been also developing ibus-table and flies recently.

I am a member of Fedora Chinese (Zong-Wen) User Group - FZUG. As my
previous conversation with Paul Frields, I would like to assist the
growth of Fedora community in China and other Chinese countries. I guess
to join myself as an Ambassador is the prerequisites, to convert more
users into ambassadors.

I am brand new here, so please kind to me. ;)


‚©‚¢‚¨(kaio) | kaio.me

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