[Ambassadors] famsco nomination time is over in 24 h !!!

Francesco Ugolini fugolini at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 16 16:29:44 UTC 2009

2009/11/16 Neville A. Cross <nacross at gmail.com>:
> What triggered my complain probably is because there is not a time
> frame for writing statements.
> What about setting a rule, that it is okey if you don't want to write
> any statement, but the wiki will freeze at the time that nominations
> are closed. Or even freeze the statements declarations two days after
> nominations are closed.
> Probably it is just me looking for a more organized way when there is
> no real need for more rules.

I like rules because they simplify the system. In this case, however,
the style is part of the candidate background.

If you visit that page you'll firstly see the index. From the page
index you'll be able to click on the candidate name and see his/her
statement.  Simple.

I think, we come from difference cultures, with a different way to
express ourselves. I see this like a way to learn something more from
the other people: it's just part of the growth process of ourselves.
Just let people roll out heir creativity and show their character.

If we put rules on how to write the statments, people may face
unufeull difficulties and someone could be less motivated to join the

> When I pointed to the order, I just pointed that most running
> candidates just wrote their name at the bottom of the list. And them
> some one put his name on top. It seems rude to me, but it is not
> against any rule.
> I think going alphabetically will help avoid this perceptions. Not
> sure if it is needed this time, as there was not rule. If this is
> going to be applied now, I volunteer to do the wiki editing. But I
> will not undertake action unless is agreed. I still think that should
> be left for next election and a rule should be written before next
> election. I am not a fan of changing rules at the middle of the game.

We have the wiki index, it's just a list itself. If you click on the
names in the box you can read the details on the people.

It's just work, isn't it?



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