[Ambassadors] Campus Ambassadors program

Aleksei Lukin lukin at stu.cn.ua
Wed Nov 25 10:16:04 UTC 2009

Hi,  Larry ! Hi, All! 

I missed IRC chats last week  but it's great that you passed message trough mail 
list. Where can I read transcript or whatever additional info about  Campus 
Ambassadors program? 

I am university teacher (CS dept. Chernigiv Dtate Technological University, 
Ukraine) and we have a lot of ideas and a lot of work planed to promoute free 
software in Ukrainian higher education. We founded University Linux Competence 
Center that helps university teachers and students in  adaptation of teaching 
process to Linux free software. We have more then 50 active students in our 

27. Nov. we have a little conference in Chernigiv Dtate Technological University
plus Linux install fest and planning a lot of activities. Fedora is widely useed 
at our CS dept. so Fedora 12 will be show star :) And we are planning a lot of 
other activities so we're looking for partner universities from EU, especially 
regarding to "TEMPUS" EU Commission project where we have good experience of 
last 3 years.  CSTU officials are wery positive to our initiatives and support 

As you can see, I am very interested in Fedora and RH programs aimed to 
educatgion. In my opinion, education is key to technology promotion.

Unfortunately, our sites do not contain yet much info in English, but anyway it 
could be interesting, English pages of ULCC is in progress.


вівторок, 24-лис-2009 23:26:36 Larry Cafiero ви написали:
> Hey, all --
> There's a discussion currently in #fedora-ambassadors around the Campus
> Ambassadors program. If I recall correctly Jack Aboutboul started this
> before his departure from RH. From the look of things -- and I hope no one
> takes offense here if I'm mistaken -- it appears that the project is
> dormant.
> If this program needs a jump-start to get going again:
> -- could interested parties meet in #fedora-campusamb to discuss where this
> can go, and
> -- could we discuss this at the next FAmNA meeting, and
> -- if I'm not usurping anyone's authority (like THAT never happens . . .
>  :-) ), I'd like to marshall this project back to activity, unless an
>  actual student would like to take the reins.
> Larry Cafiero

SY, Alex Lukin

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