[Ambassadors] Inspired by Ambassadors: TOS Conferences

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Mon Nov 30 22:15:23 UTC 2009

Shouting upstream - another thing Fedora Ambassadors can do is serve as 
a role model for other Ambassadors-like programs. Like this one:


"Our goal: To have a TOS Ambassador present - and presenting at - every 
higher education conference in the world."

That goal should sound familiar. ;)


PS: Was prompted to send this email by the following exchange in famsco 
townhall today.

18:54:12 < mchua> re #5: I'll note that there are other 
education-and-open-source initiatives that have been *directly* inspired 
by famsco + Ambassadors
18:54:18 < mchua> for instance, see
18:54:51 < mchua> so one thing famsco could also do is serve as a role 
model for other ambassador-like programmes instead of trying to do it 
all within the Fedora umbrella
18:56:05 <@spevack> mchua: :)
18:56:06 < ke4qqq> mchua: can you cite them?
18:56:45 < mchua> ke4qqq: the TOS link above is one; I'm slowly moving 
towards proposing the same thing for Sugar Labs (which is doing it 
18:57:53 < ke4qqq> ha - I am on mailing lists for both, and didn't know 
they were trying to do the same thing - perhaps we could be better role 
models if we knew people were emulating us.
18:57:58 < ke4qqq> :)
19:01:01 < mchua> ke4qqq: ...wow, you're right, I *totally* hadn't 
realized we hadn't shouted back upstream! thanks!

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