Announcing Fedora Core 3 for PowerPC platforms

Colin Charles byte at
Thu Dec 9 10:13:25 UTC 2004

The Fedora Project is proud to announce a TESTING tree for Fedora Core 3
on the PowerPC platforms

It is available at:

For most part, the isos/ directory contains all 8 ISOs, the first four
which are the binaries, the remainder which are SRPMS. If you want a
complete binary install, the first 4 ISOs are all you require.

The os/ directory contains a full tree of Fedora Core 3 for the PPC
platform. As a bonus, we created a repository, so that you can have a
yum repository to point to after installation. The repository is:

Updates are also available, at a yum-ified repository:

Some notes about the release: the release is known to not boot on G5's,
and we are working on re-building another tree, which we can push out
soon. Sleep support for the G4 iBook's and Powerbooks isn't implemented
upstream yet, but there are testing kernels available in RPM form

To install the release, you need boot.iso from the os/images/ directory
(use mac/pseries appropriately) as well as at least CD1 (disc 1 is not
blessed). When booting the boot.iso CD, hold down the 'C' key, and use
the "linux askmethod" option. Other methods of installation are located

We have a mailing list for further discussion at:

And if you IRC, come join us on, at #fedora-ppc. As
always, if there are bugs, file them at
under the 'powerpc' platform. We have a tracker bug:

Lastly, this release would not have been possible without the tireless
contributions from Paul Nasrat, David Woodhouse, and Seth Vidal (who
hosts the site!) and the numerous testers who hung out at #fedora-ppc

Happy PPC-ing!
Colin Charles, byte at
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." -- Mohandas Gandhi

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