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Fedora Core 2 Update: shadow-utils-4.0.3-55

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 2
Name        : shadow-utils
Version     : 4.0.3
Release     : 55
Summary     : Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files.
Description :
The shadow-utils package includes the necessary programs for
converting UNIX password files to the shadow password format, plus
programs for managing user and group accounts. The pwconv command
converts passwords to the shadow password format. The pwunconv command
unconverts shadow passwords and generates an npasswd file (a standard
UNIX password file). The pwck command checks the integrity of password
and shadow files. The lastlog command prints out the last login times
for all users. The useradd, userdel, and usermod commands are used for
managing user accounts. The groupadd, groupdel, and groupmod commands
are used for managing group accounts.

Update Information:

A regression has been fixed where strict enforcement of POSIX rules for user
and group names prevented Samba 3 from using its "add machine script" feature
with useradd. Also, the maximum length for a username/groupname is now 31
(previously it was 32). The lastlog command can now handle extremely large
(greater than 4GB) lastlogs.
* Fri Dec 03 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-55

- backport fc3 changes to fc2, with exception of selinux patch
- tweak max allowed length of user/group names to sizeof(ut_user)-1
 to allow for '\0' termination
- add lastlog support for >4gb (#125445)

* Tue Nov 23 2004 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com>

- ghost lastlog here (#139539)

* Tue Nov 16 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-42

- change MAXMEM static limit on group count to dynamic (#125510)
- re-allow "$" as last char for the sake of samba (#132782)
- don't strip binaries for debuginfo

* Wed Nov 10 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-40

- fix %patch16 bad paren grouping in goodname() check (#138632)
- don't apply %patch15 if WITH_SELINUX is false

* Wed Oct 27 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-38

- conform to posix for user/group name input checking [def 3.426
 and 3.189] which is posix portable filename character set [3.276]
 while disallowing dash for first char as recommended, and disallow
 dollar sign)

* Thu Oct 21 2004 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2:4.0.3-37

- Add matchpathcon to create the files correctly when they do not exist.

* Mon Oct 18 2004 Miloslav Trmac <mitr redhat com> - 2:4.0.3-36

- Change symlink ownership when copying from /etc/skel (#66819, patch by
 Michael Weiser)

* Fri Oct 15 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-35

- make the limit for the group name the same as the username (determined
 by the header files, rather than a constant) (#56850)

* Wed Oct 13 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-33

- allow for mixed case and dots in usernames (#135401)
- all man pages to UTF-8, not just Japanese (#133883)
- add Polish blurb for useradd -n man page option (#82177)

* Tue Oct 12 2004 Adrian Havill <havill redhat com> 2:4.0.3-31

- check for non-standard legacy place for ncsd HUP (/var/run/nscd.pid) and
 then the std FHS place (/var/run/nscd.pid) (#125421)

* Fri Oct 01 2004 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 2:4.0.3-30

- Add checkPasswdAccess for chage in SELinux

* Sun Sep 26 2004 Adrian Havill <riel redhat com> 2:4.0.3-29

- always unlock all files on any exit (#126709)

* Tue Aug 24 2004 Warren Togami <wtogami redhat com> 2:4.0.3-26

- #126596 fix Req and BuildReqs

* Sun Aug 01 2004 Alan Cox <alan redhat com> 4.0.3-25

- Fix build deps etc, move to current auto* (Steve Grubb)

* Sat Jul 10 2004 Alan Cox <alan redhat com> 4.0.3-24

- Fix nscd path. This fixes various stale data caching bugs (#125421)

* Thu Jun 17 2004 Dan Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> 4.0.3-23

- Add get_enforce checks
- Clean up patch for potential upstream submission
- Add removemalloc patch to get it to build on 3.4

* Tue Jun 15 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com>

- rebuilt

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This update can be downloaded from: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/updates/2/

eb6d725da6225ab9d43e7c33415c0165 SRPMS/shadow-utils-4.0.3-55.src.rpm
d018c04e435c3cd16872cecd0016e0b8 x86_64/shadow-utils-4.0.3-55.x86_64.rpm
2b2a47405a76e73a0f82410e14b4df9b x86_64/debug/shadow-utils-debuginfo-4.0.3-55.x86_64.rpm
33fddecc36c33379e69ea7da29df0bdb i386/shadow-utils-4.0.3-55.i386.rpm
b8b0b7b0d663736ab19349100f45c612 i386/debug/shadow-utils-debuginfo-4.0.3-55.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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