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Unofficial FAQ Update: 2004-12-13

	OK, today's a BIG update for the Unofficial Fedora FAQ! As always, you
can find it at:


	I've decided to start sending these update notices to the announce-
list, so that all Fedora users are aware of what's answered in the FAQ,
and they don't have to ask on the fedora-list. Let me know if you like
these notices here, or if you would rather I just kept sending them to
the normal fedora-list.

	We have many new translations for the FC3 FAQ:

	+ Italian
	+ Dutch
	+ Romanian
	+ Chinese
	+ Japanese

	We also have four new, very useful questions in the Fedora Basics FAQ,
all noted by a big red "(New)" next to them. The Basics FAQ is at:


	There's also:

	+ An update to the nVidia question
	+ A way of buying the Fedora CDs if you don't want to download them.
	+ Wine answer basically removed, since Wine now works easily with FC3.
	+ An easier way of disabling the spatial file manager

	As always, I love to hear from my readers! Let me know if you have any
contributions, or just if you have any thoughts on the site at all:



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