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[SECURITY] Fedora Update Notification: iproute-2.4.7-13.2

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Fedora Update Notification FEDORA-2004-115 2004-05-11 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Name        : iproute
Version     : 2.4.7
Release     : 13.2
Summary     : Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools.
Description :
The iproute package contains networking utilities (ip and rtmon, for
example) which are designed to use the advanced networking
capabilities of the Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernel.


This update of the iproute package fixes a security problem found in netlink. See CAN-2003-0856.

All users of the netlink application are very strongly advised to update to these latest packages.

* Thu May 06 2004 Phil Knirsch <pknirsch redhat com> 2.4.7-13.2

- Built security errata version for FC1.

* Wed Apr 21 2004 Phil Knirsch <pknirsch redhat com> 2.4.7-14

- Fixed -f option for ss (#118355).
- Small description fix (#110997).
- Added initialization of some vars (#74961).
- Added patch to initialize "default" rule as well (#60693).

* Fri Feb 13 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com>

- rebuilt

* Wed Nov 05 2003 Phil Knirsch <pknirsch redhat com> 2.4.7-12

- Security errata for netlink (CAN-2003-0856).

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This update can be downloaded from: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/updates/1/

742a66f04b4bb5f4e814908bd33fbdde SRPMS/iproute-2.4.7-13.2.src.rpm
ece1fcf398e9e7b234584e942c08d6e1 i386/iproute-2.4.7-13.2.i386.rpm
842d74b8f79ebfe414a1ee1ca5f7ecc7 i386/debug/iproute-debuginfo-2.4.7-13.2.i386.rpm
738a0454d2d4f390d11fa484768dc7ce x86_64/iproute-2.4.7-13.2.x86_64.rpm
2a4e1ee78d017c593588ec0172159295 x86_64/debug/iproute-debuginfo-2.4.7-13.2.x86_64.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

Philipp Knirsch      | Tel.:  +49-711-96437-470
Development          | Fax.:  +49-711-96437-111
Red Hat GmbH         | Email: Phil Knirsch <phil redhat de>
Hauptstaetterstr. 58 | Web:   http://www.redhat.de/
D-70178 Stuttgart
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