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Fedora Core 3 Update: im-sdk-12.1-10.FC3

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 3
Name        : im-sdk
Version     : 12.1
Release     : 10.FC3
Summary     : IIIMF multilingual Unicode input method framework
Description :
IIIMF is a next generation multilingual Unicode input method framework,
which is a replacement of existing input method frameworks such as XIM.
This IIIMF implementation includes Language Engines for various Asian
languages allowing one to switch between inputting complex characters
in a number of different languages in supported applications.

Update Information:

This is a bugfix update.

* Wed Jan 05 2005 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> - 1:12.1-10.FC3

- FC3 update

* Wed Dec 01 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com> - 1:12.1-10

- iiimsf-fix-auth-with-unixdomain-r2088-141468.patch: applied to fix
  the denied access issue. (#141468)

* Tue Nov 30 2004 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com>

- add leif-unit-latin-fixes-r2060.patch to help fix deadkeys in European layout
  of unitle (130851)

* Tue Nov 30 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- iiimp-fix-missing-prototype-r2084-140818.patch: fixed not activating on ia64
  due to the lacking of some prototype declaration. (#140818)

* Tue Nov 23 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- leif-canna-fix-caret-position-r2070-136651.patch: applied to fix current
  caret position. (#136651)

* Tue Nov 23 2004 Leon Ho <llch redhat com>

- new im-sdk-htt_xbe-crash.patch (Yu Shao, #140503)

* Tue Nov 23 2004 Leon Ho <llch redhat com>

- add leif-unit-gu-inscriptfix-140337.patch (Jatin Nansi, #140337)

* Mon Nov 22 2004 Leon Ho <llch redhat com> - 1:12.1-9

- add im-sdk-htt_xbe-crash.patch into spec (Yu Shao, #134035)

* Fri Nov 19 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- im-sdk-12.1-x-xft.patch: use sans-serif font instead of serif font. (#140000)
- iiimsf-disable-super-help-hotkey.patch: disabled "SUPER HELP" hotkey for
  a workaround, because of it's not used right now. (#140014)

* Fri Nov 19 2004 Leon Ho <llch redhat com>

- im-sdk-12.1-x-xft-highlight.patch: Fixed candidate highlight (#135366)

* Thu Nov 18 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- leif-unit-tamil-phonetic-135035.patch: added an entry to build phonetic.data
  actually. (#135035)

* Wed Nov 17 2004 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> - 1:12.1-8

- gimlet applet fixes:
  - add gimlet-no-LE-lang-hang-r2055-139470.patch to fix hanging when no
    Language Engine for locale available (139470)
  - add leif-unit-sysime.cfg-Bengali-138633.patch to list unitle Bengali as
    just bn (138633)
  - use gimlet-lang-data-Indic-r2026-134194_136139.patch to add Indic native
    language names rather than overwriting (134194,136139)
- do not build Sun Chinese LEs when not packaging them
  - add leif-sun-zh-disable.patch
  - only need to remove common/ subdirs now

* Mon Nov 15 2004 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com>

- make iiimf-gnome-im-switcher only own gnome-im-switcher-applet in
  /usr/libexec (139801)

* Thu Nov 11 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com> - 1:12.1-7

- leif-canna-fix-escape-from-aux.patch: applied to escape from the aux menu
  with Escape key. (#138591)

* Wed Nov 10 2004 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com>

- add Tamil phonetic layout with leif-unit-tamil-phonetic-135035.patch
  (Jatin Nansi, 135035)

* Wed Nov 10 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- iiimsf-fix-init-state.patch: applied to fix the crash issue due to
  the uninitialized value. (#137007)

* Tue Nov 09 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- iiimcf-fix-gcc-warnings-r2029.patch: backported from upstream svn
  (Yu Shao, 137389)
- iiimsf-stop-crash-dump.patch: applied for debugging purpose. (#137536)
  please run htt_server with IIIMF_DEBUG=1 to enable this feature. after this,
  it won't dumps the crash log into /var/log/iiim and you can do gdb manually.
- leif-unit-fix-corrupt-memory-access.patch: applied to fix corrupt memory
  access problem on UNIT LE. (#137007)

* Mon Nov 08 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- htt_xbe-fix-gcc-warnings.patch: fixed 'httx always says Duplicate..' issue.
- leif-unit-fix-gcc-warnings.patch: applied to silence gcc warnings. (137389)

* Fri Nov 05 2004 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> - 1:12.1-6

- add xiiimp.so-gcc-warnings.patch to fix some gcc warnings (137389)
- add im-sdk-iiimgcf-warning.patch (Yu Shao, 137389)

* Fri Nov 05 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- iiimsf-fix-gcc-warnings.patch: applied to fix the gcc warnings. (137389)
- iiimgcf-fix-gcc-warnings-r2020.patch: backported from svn to fix the gcc
  warnings. (137389)

* Thu Nov 04 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- xiiimp-fix-gcc-warnings.patch: separated from iiimxcf-fix-gcc-warnings.patch
  for sure. (137389)
- htt_xbe-fix-gcc-warnings.patch: use this reworked patch instead of
  iiimxcf-fix-gcc-warnings.patch. this also contains a fix to start the threads
  properly. (137389,137959)

* Tue Nov 02 2004 Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com> - 1:12.1-5

- add gimlet-gcc-warnings-r2026-137389.patch to fix gcc compilation warnings
- get rid of %is_snapshot and simplify %srclabel setup

* Tue Nov 02 2004 Leon Ho <llch redhat com>

- im-sdk-12.1-leif-unit-warnings.patch - applied to clean up some major
  warnings on r12.1 unitLE (137389)
- remove im-sdk-20030618-varargs.patch as unitle has changed s/logf()/log_f()/
- disable leif-unit-revert-1961~1971.patch for now for further debug

* Mon Nov 01 2004 Akira TAGOH <tagoh redhat com>

- iiimsf-hotkey-esckey-r2030.patch: applied to escape from the switch lang menu
  with Escape key. (#136628)

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This update can be downloaded from: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/updates/3/

dedba5b96269d7680398bf7737a74d93 SRPMS/im-sdk-12.1-10.FC3.src.rpm
33a301f0bc19d98ce33623b5eaf35484 x86_64/iiimf-csconv-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
66760821d18ca6976869ede76d513bac x86_64/iiimf-docs-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
5bfa47d4a5bf616acb014044549ad026 x86_64/iiimf-emacs-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
31b8accc6178149f7d7d9a192bb95d40 x86_64/iiimf-gnome-im-switcher-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
ae1c5ed641a32d61be26a4ac46622f9e x86_64/iiimf-gtk-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
4a1c70314592adf68dc638615da7c4f7 x86_64/iiimf-libs-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
79169ee77ada0718fc6b0c57dbdad198 x86_64/iiimf-libs-devel-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
18c2260973e24c1270407975320c20ef x86_64/iiimf-server-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
d0ddca70a7e31f2ec96f313669ca2aee x86_64/iiimf-x-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
dcfe2656a8b3714186086f77c6131ff8 x86_64/iiimf-le-canna-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
59c5e7c88e89bada7f0beae38d673ca1 x86_64/iiimf-le-hangul-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
076fc5c02fca3e4192b21ff3ba558524 x86_64/iiimf-le-unit-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
ee5d501ac48149e930879b48eb67eb2c x86_64/iiimf-le-sun-thai-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
070b34d6112117a24027ce24e9031bef x86_64/debug/im-sdk-debuginfo-12.1-10.FC3.x86_64.rpm
95f8eaa78fe984b74511e0cc7fec690e x86_64/iiimf-gtk-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
1fa95881c2190e418ee930ed8271b0a5 x86_64/iiimf-libs-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
29f83e322ee54b652fc18ac248b765ac i386/iiimf-csconv-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
52ca058124ed72dd2957c3ead23ff913 i386/iiimf-docs-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
4b146aa4142dd3c0b90986a38dd674f2 i386/iiimf-emacs-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
493a131e41d73a4edf0fbbb669461912 i386/iiimf-gnome-im-switcher-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
95f8eaa78fe984b74511e0cc7fec690e i386/iiimf-gtk-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
1fa95881c2190e418ee930ed8271b0a5 i386/iiimf-libs-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
3e156dc6e05622c18fa47e79349b7b49 i386/iiimf-libs-devel-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
809a3e606bf766d088cb8899fba0c803 i386/iiimf-server-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
08a281f0f9055bf81cd12f2119498419 i386/iiimf-x-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
f0e49fb4b74d99e63f90903d3ddf0e33 i386/iiimf-le-canna-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
0f0ce5e46ea7d9cd86bd475031385909 i386/iiimf-le-hangul-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
ea09706abd3fb7f87d322b74fae65c4a i386/iiimf-le-unit-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
084a0070d083ec1f1ef359ae4f9a4045 i386/iiimf-le-sun-thai-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm
f82953eb6785ab05a022b5c1e6644a1a i386/debug/im-sdk-debuginfo-12.1-10.FC3.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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