Fedora Foundation

Karen Bennet bennet at redhat.com
Fri Jun 10 12:09:54 UTC 2005

Last week at Red Hat's Summit, we indicated our intent
to create a Fedora Foundation.  This was communicated
to many of you but we want this message to get to
everyone in the community about our goals and vision
for the Foundation.  We would appreciate your input
and comments.

Fedora Project : Goals and Vision

The Fedora Foundation is Red Hat's next step
in its commitment to build a true open source
community around Fedora.

The purpose of the foundation is to expand the
collaboration within the community and between
the community and outside projects. It is our hope
that the foundation will expand to cover many
Fedora related sub-projects with Red Hat continuing
to devote significant engineering resources to the
overall project.

Red Hat believes the Fedora Project is both an
essential part of the open source development cycle
that leads to its commercial ventures and a community
that does more than consume Fedora as a product.
Such a community can prosper best when the needs
and wishes of the participants are all represented.

Whenever a project changes there is concern about
the future. Red Hat and the leaders of the Fedora
Project understand this and value feedback from
everyone. There are no current plans to change the
Fedora Core distribution project, processes and
management. As many have asked Red Hat will
also maintain ultimate overall control of the project
to ensure that we continue to have timely, high
quality releases.

Fedora Roadmap

Red Hat has always wanted to expand the Fedora
Project. Our original vision encompasses Fedora
Extras, which has taken a lot longer than expected,
and a vast amount of hard work and contributions
from individuals outside and inside Red Hat. The
community has already created a Fedora Legacy
project and a Documentation project. Fedora
Alternatives still awaits.

Fedora can only expand by enabling individuals
and groups to contribute rather than consume. The
Foundation exists to do this, not just for Red Hat
originated Fedora projects but for those that come
from the community.

Your participation as individuals, as companies,
as creators is welcome and desired, both in defining
the future of Fedora and in making it happen.

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