Announcing Fedora Core 5 Test1

Warren Togami wtogami at
Wed Nov 23 17:33:38 UTC 2005

For some, it will be a day of thanksgiving - a day to be grateful for
the many blessings they have. For others, it will be a day of mourning
( For Fedora Core
fans, however, it will be a day of rejoicing and installing, for we are
proud to announce:

Fedora Core 5 Test1 Now Available
The Fedora Project announces the first release of the Fedora Core 5
development cycle, available for the i386, x86_64, and PPC/PPC64
architectures.  Beware that Test releases are recommended only for Linux
experts/enthusiasts or for technology evaluation, as many parts are
likely to be broken and the rate of change is rapid.
Test2 is scheduled for release before Christmas giving us less than a
month of rapid development.  This aggressive schedule makes vitally
important your help in testing, reporting and suggesting fixes for bugs.
Please direct bugs to, Product Fedora Core,
Version fc5test1.  As always, be sure that your bug is not already fixed
by updates and search for existing bugs before filing.

Thanks to all in the Fedora Project who have contributed to this
release.  Your continued efforts is what makes Fedora possible.

A DVD image is unfortunately not available for FC5test1 due, but we do
plan on having it for test2. CD and network installation are available.
Please read the Important Warnings below in this announcement for more
The recommended method of download is via BitTorrent from this site.
HTTP, FTP, and RSYNC downloads are available from Fedora Project mirrors
listed above.  Note that not all mirrors may be synced at this time.

Notable Features of FC5 Test1
* Modular
* Vastly improved Asian language input support with SCIM
* Kernel based on 2.6.15-rc1-git3
* GCC 4.0.2
* GNOME 2.12
* KDE 3.4.92
* Xen 3.0 snapshot for i386
* Improved Open Source Java including
gcj, classpath, tomcat, jonas, eclipse, and much more
* 1600+ Extras packages conveniently available via yum
* Major installer changes to use yum for package handling
* Pup!
Latest version of release notes are available from here.

Important Warnings
Please see this page for an updated list of important notes for FC5test1
in order to avoid common problems and troubleshoot problems that you may

* Fresh Installs Only
Upgrades are not supported (or even implemented).  If you want to test
Upgrade capability, please wait until FC5test2.
* NX (No Execute) capable processors (all AMD64 and 2nd and later
steppings of EM64T) installing the i386 arch of FC5test1 may experience
an inability to boot the SMP kernel after install.  Please try the
Uniprocessor kernel or kernel parameter "mem=nopentium" in order to boot
for now.
* No DVD is Available, CD or Network Install Only
* Hard drive install is broken
* Minimal install with everything deselected may crash.

Have fun testing this release, and please be safe.

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