Fedora Core 5 Update: setools-2.3-3.FC5

Daniel Walsh dwalsh at redhat.com
Tue Apr 25 15:54:33 UTC 2006

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 5
Name        : setools
Version     : 2.3                      
Release     : 3.FC5                  
Summary     : SELinux tools for managing policy
Description :
Security-enhanced Linux is a patch of the Linux kernel and a number of
utilities with enhanced security functionality designed to add
mandatory access
controls to Linux.  The Security-enhanced Linux kernel contains new
architectural components originally developed to improve the security
 of the Flask
operating system. These architectural components provide general
 support for the
enforcement of many kinds of mandatory access control policies, including
based on the concepts of Type Enforcement, Role-based Access Control, and
Multi-level Security.

The tools and libraries in this release include:

1. libapol: The main policy.conf analysis library, which is the core
library for all our tools.

See the help files for apol for help on using the

Update Information:

Fix Icons and Help
* Tue Apr 11 2006 Dan Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com> 2.3-3.FC5
- Bump for FC5
* Mon Apr 10 2006 Dan Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com> 2.3-3
- Fix help
- Add icons
* Tue Mar 21 2006 Dan Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com> 2.3-2
- Remove console apps for sediff, sediffx and apol

This update can be downloaded from:

41ff76e15fca3ae600346c856422cb243401296b  SRPMS/setools-2.3-3.FC5.src.rpm
32c7d1757f688309bc386188415d7496b69f6df7  ppc/setools-2.3-3.FC5.ppc.rpm
6c5c1479aa79439be501f27f8137ccd3ce0d8e17  ppc/setools-gui-2.3-3.FC5.ppc.rpm
409b34aee6f8e0269831e506b878c3012ec099a7  ppc/debug/setools-debuginfo-2.3-3.FC5.ppc.rpm
ad77201c1c815eac03648df4175cd2ccec4260b8  ppc/setools-devel-2.3-3.FC5.ppc.rpm
26955489787a7ba853703b292001362d9a385517  x86_64/setools-2.3-3.FC5.x86_64.rpm
512c5b038da0e3dd1500436edd59b53d404c867a  x86_64/setools-gui-2.3-3.FC5.x86_64.rpm
844aee5c5578902a95302030a9f508844588c1f4  x86_64/debug/setools-debuginfo-2.3-3.FC5.x86_64.rpm
be9a6c204a79940dae84322f02d57add6b67d064  x86_64/setools-devel-2.3-3.FC5.x86_64.rpm
07f9390eaa58e1c97fe960a902e8c1e079e69a5a  i386/setools-2.3-3.FC5.i386.rpm
7bf6817f815bf3446e6d50a6c638fb889f13a78f  i386/setools-gui-2.3-3.FC5.i386.rpm
c07b946b823ad79e320656109ce151df3389fe8f  i386/debug/setools-debuginfo-2.3-3.FC5.i386.rpm
609656e88165e0a2ba2e58ab8354d22ba674aefc  i386/setools-devel-2.3-3.FC5.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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