Announcing the Fedora 6 Zod live CD and live CD tools

David Zeuthen davidz at
Fri Dec 22 18:32:46 UTC 2006


After lots of feedback, bug fixing and testing of the beta live CD
announced 3 weeks ago, I'm pleased to announce the first official Fedora
live CD. This live CD is based on packages from the Fedora Core 6
(codenamed "Zod") and Fedora Extras package collections and is such 100%
free software. At a glance, the live CD features

 o Linux 2.6.18
 o GNOME 2.16 desktop environment
 o GStreamer 0.10 multimedia framework
 o 7.1
 o AIGLX and Compiz for 3D desktop
 o Lots of applications including, but not limited to
   o Beagle (Desktop Search)
   o F-Spot (Photo Management)
   o Evolution (Email and Calendering)
   o Firefox (Web Browsing)
   o Ekiga (IP telephony)
   o Rhythmbox (Music Player)
   o Totem (Movie Player)
   o Games (Games)
   o The Gimp (Graphics)
   o Inkscape (Vector Graphics)
   o Abiword (Word Processor)
   o Gnumeric (Spreadsheet)
   o nautilus-open-terminal (For the adult in you)
 o Assistive Technology including the Orca screen reader 
 o NetworkManager is on by default
 o VPN connectivity software including vnpc and OpenVPN
 o Partition editing via GParted
 o SELinux targeted mode including the SELinux trouble shooter
 o Many many fonts; almost 100% coverage
 o All the localizations included in FC6 and FC6
 o All the input methods (SCIM) present in FC6
 o Exclusive live CD wallpaper you won't find in FC6 or FE6!
 o R/W file system so you can install software on the running live CD
 o Ability to run from RAM if you have 1GB or more of memory

 o and lots and lots more..

The live CD is currently only available for i386 architectures. Support
for other architectures including ppc and x86_64 is planned. The live cd
weighs around 682MB. Download from 
 SHA1SUM: 8771d21af1974492424438cbe42f1bae0161ea96  FC-6-i386-livecd-1.iso

or get on the Torrent using

Feedback can be given in Bugzilla; file a bug against the component you
have an issue with.. and make it block this tracker bug

if you believe it's a live CD specific bug.

Don't get burned on Christmas shopping, burn the gift of a live CD!


This live CD is built using a source code based on the pilgrim project.
This is an open project and participation is encouraged and appreciated.
See these documents on how to get involved hacking on the code and what
it's all about;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=HACKING;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=README

Participate on the Fedora Live CD mailing list and the Wiki page to make
the Fedora live CD experience even better

The livecd-tools and fedora-livecd packages, which is required to
rebuild the live CD, have just been submitted to Fedora Extras, see

for details. Until these packages are in Extras, you can grab source and
binary i386 packages from here

and start cranking out your own live CD's.

Thanks and a merry Christmas break to everyone!


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