Virtual FudCon8

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Sat Aug 11 04:32:23 UTC 2007

Announcing Fedora 8's Online FUDCon:

Come join us over the next few days for our first online community
conference where Fedora developers will be discussing features and
projects that will be impacting Fedora 8 and beyond.

<-> When <->
Aug 11 - Aug 15

<-> What <->

This FudCon will be organized as a collection of IRC based topical
sessions, supplemented by Fedora's new call-in sip server. Due to the
global nature of the Fedora development community, sessions are
scheduled individually by presenters. If you are interested in
attending a session please check the session schedule each day for
scheduling updates.

<-> Where <->

Sessions will be making use of the Freenode IRC network
Presentations will nominally be held in channel: #fudcon .
Some presentations may also make use of Fedora's new collaborative
call-in server using conference room: sip:fudcon at .

Please check the session schedule for specific session topics, times
and locations.

<-> Schedule <->
The current schedule of events can be found at:

The session schedule is still evolving. If you are interested in
attending session please check the the schedule page for updates for
time and location.

New session presenters are also invited to add session later in the
FudCon session. Please see the schedule page for instructions on how
to add a session topic.


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