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FUDCon Raleigh 2008


Whether you are a new Fedora user who just started with Fedora 8, a seasoned veteran who has been with Red Hat from the very beginning, or somewhere in between, you are all invited to FUDCon Raleigh 2008.


This year's FUDCon is a 3 day event, from Friday January 11th - Sunday January 13th.

The main event that most people will be interested in is on Saturday January 12. This is a BarCamp (look on wikipedia if you don't know what that is) style conference, and it will feature sessions, talks, demonstrations, and brainstorming sessions about all sorts of technology related to Fedora.

Friday January 11th and Sunday January 13th will be dedicated Fedora hackfest days -- if you are a coder, or have some sort of engineering/project management skill and are interested in two intense days of work, you are encouraged to come and participate.

FUDCon is free to attend. There is much more information at the URL above, which also is the place where you can sign up, propose sessions, etc.


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