Fedora Unity announces Fedora 8 Re-Spin

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at kanarip.com
Sun Dec 23 22:11:39 UTC 2007

The Fedora Unity Project is proud to announce the release of new ISO 
Re-Spins (DVD and CD Sets) of Fedora 8. These Re-Spin ISOs are based on 
the officially released Fedora 8 installation media and include all 
updates released as of December 18th, 2007. The ISO images are available 
for i386 and x86_64 architectures via jigdo starting Sunday, December 
23rd, 2007.

We have included CD Image sets for those in the Fedora community that do 
not have DVD drives or burners available.

With this particular Re-Spin, we address the following problems 
experienced by many community members:

- #372011, "depsolve hang in F7 to F8 upgrade"
We have incorporated the updates image made by Jeremy Katz (comment #11 
in the bug), and we have verified that a full Fedora 7 installation 
upgrades to Fedora 8 without issues.

- #367731, "anaconda fails on Via VPSD motherboard"
On i586 hardware, the installation media wouldn't boot and thus renders 
itself unusable. We have backported the fix for this issue from anaconda 
development to the Fedora 8 stock anaconda, as anaconda is not updated 
during a release.

- #369611, "yum upgrade with selinux-policy-strict installed fails"
A dependency problem in selinux-policy-strict during upgrades is 
resolved in an updated selinux-policy-strict package, which is included 
in the Re-Spin

- #404601, "anaconda crashes on 'cdrom' line in kickstart"
Updates to pykickstart incorporated in the rebuilt installer resolve 
this issue.

These are some of the bugs brought to our attention, which you can do by 
sending a message to me directly, or other Fedora Unity team members in 
the #fedora-unity channel on IRC.

Fedora Unity has taken up the Re-Spin task to provide the community with 
the chance to install Fedora with recent updates already included. These 
updates might otherwise comprise more than 1.33GiB of downloads for a 
full install.  This is a community project, for and by the community. 
You can contribute to the community by joining our test process.

A full list of bugs, packages and changelogs that have been updated in 
this Re-Spin can be reviewed on 

If you are interested in helping with the testing or mirroring efforts, 
please contact the Fedora Unity team.  Contact information is available 
at http://fedoraunity.org/ or the #fedora-unity channel on the Freenode 
IRC Network (irc.freenode.net).

Go to http://spins.fedoraunity.org/spins to get the bits!

To report bugs in the Re-Spins please use http://bugs.fedoraunity.org/

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Fedora Unity Founder

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