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The "new" Fedora Board

Hi everyone,

We've just completed the first Fedora Board succession process, and I wanted to take a moment to share the results with everyone.

Staying on for another release cycle are Seth Vidal, Bill Nottingham, Chris Blizzard, and Matt Domsch.

Joining them are 5 new Board members.

Karsten Wade is a Senior Developer Relations Manager at Red Hat. He has been a long-time contributor to Fedora, serving previously as the Chairman of the Fedora Documentation Steering Committee. He is active in community building, writing, website design, translations, and documentation. Karsten lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

Dennis Gilmore works as a Enterprise Systems Administrator at Jupiter Images in Peoria, IL. Dennis has worked in most aspects of Fedora. Currently he is involved in Infrastructure, FESCo, and EPEL, He is also an active package maintainer and active on implementing secondary architecture's. Dennis Lives in Washington, IL with his wife and two dogs.

Christopher Aillon is the Desktop Applications Engineering Team Lead for Red Hat, where he has worked since 2004. He has been a long time contributor to the Mozilla Project (e.g. Firefox, Thunderbird) and has made many contributions to NetworkManager and various GNOME applications. He has been heavily involved with Fedora, having made contributions to over 100 packages.

Jef Spaleta is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the SuperDARN research group at the Geophysical Institute on the UAF campus. He has been an active community contributor in some form or fashion since the Fedora Project began. Initially focusing on end-user troubleshooting and bug triage, then as a Fedora Extras contributor. He lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and enjoys the alternating seasonal joys of curling and canoing and the pleasantly squeaky sound that snow makes under your shoe at -20 F.

Steve Dickson is a kernel Engineer at Red Hat. For the last five years or so he has been responsible their NFS, NIS, CIFS and QUOTA packages (both kernel and user level). His responsibilities include both RHEL and Fedora releases. In prior lives he worked on DEC's TruCluster product as well as a short stint working in the infiniband world writing both user and kernel applications for the Linux. Steve started his career at Lachman Associates developing and supporting SCO's NFS implementation.

For more information, see:



These pages will be updated shortly to reflect this email.


Max Spevack
+ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MaxSpevack
+ gpg key -- http://spevack.org/max.asc
+ fingerprint -- CD52 5E72 369B B00D 9E9A 773E 2FDB CB46 5A17 CF21

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