Fedora-Devel-Announce is Now Open

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Wed Jun 13 19:13:38 UTC 2007

fedora-devel-announce list is now open.  The goal of this list is to
make it easy for Fedora contributors to follow changes in that may be
pertinent to developers within the Fedora Project.  This is intended to
be a LOW TRAFFIC announce-only list of development topics, so we hope
subscribers wont feel the need to filter it away from their Inbox.

Acceptable Types of Announcements
     * Policy or process changes that affect developers.
     * Infrastructure changes that affect developers.
     * Tools changes that affect developers.
     * Schedule changes
     * Freeze reminders

Unacceptable Types of Announcements
     * Periodic automated reports (violates the INFREQUENT rule)
     * Discussion
     * Anything else not mentioned above

Some List Details
     * fedora-devel-announce is OPTIONAL for project contributors,
although highly recommended.
     * In the future we will auto-subscribe new members who achieve
sponsored packager status to this list.  They may choose to unsubscribe
themselves thereafter.
     * All announcements here will also be delivered to
fedora-devel-list.  So if you follow fedora-devel-list religiously you
don't need to subscribe to fedora-devel-announce.
     * Replies on fedora-devel-announce go to fedora-devel-list.
fedora-devel-list allows posting only to subscribed members.  If you
want to post but are not subscribed, you must subscribe then turn off
mail delivery in the list's web interface.

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