Announcing Fedora 7 (Moonshine)

The Fedora Project moonshine at
Thu May 31 10:28:41 UTC 2007

Howdy, cousins!  Welcome to our little Fedora hollow, where we've
brewed up some mighty, mighty Fedora 7 Moonshine for your enjoyment.
Here, I'll help you pour that ... and some for me ... *cough, cough*
Smoooooth ... sure does taste good.  It's been sitting here in the jug
for almost a whole month now!  Go ahead and help yourself to some

What's the most important thing to do if you are upgrading your Fedora
version?  Why, that's easy!  Read the release notes, it prevents

What are new things to do with your Moonshine?

* Mix and remix this Moonshine to come up with as many flavored drinks
  as there is Joe-Pye weed in the Appalachians.  Want an OS to
  send home with the students or staff?  Add packages, remove
  packages, spin it any way you like.  Let a thousand distros bloom!

* Bottle up that custom mix and call it an appliance.  ISV building an
  appliance product?  Make an RPM, identify the minimal number of
  packages needed for an appliance around that RPM, then build a
  distro and a live image.  Easy as moon pie.

Gol' darn, but this is good 'shine.  *hic*  There, is that enough?  No?
Here, let me pour us some more, and we can toast the most important
part of this Moonshine -- the makers.  You thought I made it?  Oh, no.
No special elite brewmaster here, I'm just a bartender, and this log
is my bar!  Ha ha.  No, really ... see ...

Fedora 7 is the first release where the development was one hunnerd
and one per-cent in the community.  How?  It's simple, cousin -- all
the code was merged into a single external repository.  Why?  Same
great distribution quality, even more high-quality developers able to
work directly with the code and improve the flavor of over 7500

Grab that jug, look inside, and you find:

* KDE?  Yep, with Moonshine, Fedora and KDE are gettin' downright
  friendly with each other.

* Laptops?  A tickless kernel means better power consumption for
  laptops; extended wireless functionality, meaning more chances
  hardware will Just Work.  Yee-ha!

* Get those Live images, burn CDs or DVDs, and share them with your
  friends and neighbors.  This is the first Fedora distribution with
  full Live CD/DVD capability.

* Interoperability?  Let's start with resizing and reading of NTFS
  file systems.  How about those Liberation fonts, d'you like how they
  just slip right in where other fonts were used?

* Why stop with just one fruit jar of virtualization?  This release
  includes support for KVM and overall more virtualization capability.

* As always, tasty new graphics for the Fedora 7 desktop, as well as
  an updated Website look and functionality, including a new build and
  package update system.

More?  Read up at:

Oops, looks like we drank up all that jug.  Guess I'll just make a
trip over the torrents to get me another.  All right, then, we'll
see you.  Y'all come back soon now, ya hear?

= Want Fedora?  Get Fedora =

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