Announcing the release of Fedora 8 (Werewolf)

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Thu Nov 8 16:02:06 UTC 2007

(To the tune of Michael Jackson's "Thriller")

It's close to midnight and something cool is coming through the "tubes"
It's looking real tight, a distro for the experts and the n00bs
With Live CDs* so you can try it out before installing
Or DVDs so you can have the packages you choose
No way to lose

'Cause it's Fedora, Fedora 8
We'd love to have you join us and together we'll be great
Using Fedora, Fedora 8
Just click the link and rescue your computer's future today

Hotplugging speakers, you realize PulseAudio is sweet
You feel the power of kernel 2.6.23
You close your eyes but then you can't see all the gorgeous artwork
You want online?  New NetworkManager helps you explore
And try out BigBoard

'Cause it's Fedora, Fedora 8
This is the leading edge of free and open source today
You've got Fedora, Fedora 8
A brand-new shiny desktop with the latest, greatest awaits

Now firewalls, you will find, are a ball to configurate
Virtual hosts you can manage the most secure way
(It makes your day)
Now you can authenticate

They're out to get you, security enhancements stop them cold
You want your codecs?  Codeina is the legal way to go
We've got the spins -- developers, electronics, and gaming
And that's not all, we wanted to make sure your Java's free
So we've got IcedTea

Inside Fedora, Fedora 8
We promise Number 9 is no more than six months away, world
Fedora, Fedora 8
So get aboard the torrent, share Fedora, score a new Fedora, by next May
'Cause it's Fedora, Fedora 8
You get to keep both pieces anytime that something breaks, girl
Fedora, Fedora 8
If only Vincent Price could read this killer filler:

    "Werewolf" moves across the land
    Router meltdowns close at hand
    Sysadmins in search of blood
    For those who caused this bandwidth flood
    And whosoever took the risk
    But failed to make an extra disc
    Must face the Bastard Op from Hell
    And lose his access to the shell

    The best of Linux now is here
    To kill the FUD and strike with fear
    The hearts of those who steal your rights
    And hide their code far from your sight
    Closed source takes away what's yours
    But you'll never shake the horror
    Until you taste the freedom and
    The power of FEDORA!

[*Note: Some Live images are actually too big for CDs and require DVDs
or USB storage for use.  Refer to for more information.]


To get Fedora, visit:


To read about all the latest changes, visit:

For a summary, visit:

= JOIN US! =

To find ways you can help and participate, visit:

*) This mail was brought to you by the Fedora Docs team.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?
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