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The Fedora Fonts SIG is open

Dear potential SIG contributor,

You're receiving this message because you're subscribed to one of the
general relevant Fedora mailing lists, or because our awesome
minion-finding powers have detected your interest in fonts and text
rendering/layouting in Fedora, EPEL or OLPC¹. 

Last month's consultation showed there was enough possible contributors
and needed work to justify creating a Fedora Fonts Special Interest

To get the ball rolling I've started seeding a Fonts SIG space in the
Fedora wiki:

Recently, the Fedora infrastructure team created us a mailing list to
coordinate SIG activities:
In addition to human posts I intend to get it CCed on every font-related
bug in our bugzilla.

That means we have enough infrastructure to open shop, and I hereby
declare the Fonts SIG born.

If you are interested in the Fonts SIG, please:
— read the wiki, and the proposed Fonts SIG charter,
— subscribe to the mailing list,
— let us know there where you want the SIG to evolve
— and what *you* are ready to contribute to make this evolution happen

(in particular only respond to this message on fedora-fonts-list!)

I've created the SIG but we can make it live. It's not a tool to
implement my personal vision². It's not some sort of public to-do list

Stuff will happen because we make it happen. SIG organisation is only
there to help implement our wishes; I've sadly no access to magical
fairies ready to do the work in our stead.

I hope to find many of you on on the Fonts SIG list!


¹ ie you already maintain or co-maintain a fonts-related package in
Fedora (fonts, major text layouting library, font tool…), or made the
mistake to ask about fonts on one of the Fedora lists I read

² Visions are for people standing too long under the sun, and there's
been a distinct lack of it here recently

Nicolas Mailhot

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