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During this election season, there are two (2) appointed seats and two
(2) community-elected seats open on the Fedora Board.  This cycle,
Bill Nottingham, Karsten Wade, Matt Domsch, and Jef Spaleta are
turning over their seats.  These folks have given very generously of
their time over the last year -- and in some cases years -- and helped
with a great deal of heavy lifting.  Thank you, each and every one;
the community and I are in your debt!

As you'll see from the URLs above, there is an incredible slate of
worthy candidates up for election, and I'm very excited to see people
who are interested and passionate in helping drive Fedora forward by
helping the Board remove barriers to contribution.  Those barriers get
reduced steadily over time, but there is always more to do.

The elections will begin on 7 December, after a set of town hall
meetings where community members can ask the nominees questions.
Check the general elections wiki page above for the schedule and
details.  We have set these meetings up in response to community
requests and encourage you to attend as many as you like.  You should
also feel free to write to individual nominees directly to ask
questions that are important to you.

The two appointed seats on the Board are nominated by Red Hat and
chosen by the FPL.  One appointment is held back until after the
elections so that the Board's composition can be balanced as needed.
The balance of the appointments are announced before elections.[1]

For this cycle, Chris Aillon will return to the Board as an appointee.
Chris is a long-time Fedora contributor and member of the Red Hat
Desktop team, and among other responsibilities he is the maintainer of
the ever-popular Mozilla Firefox and related packages in Fedora and in
RHEL.  Chris served on the Board previously for approximately a year,
from summer 2007 to summer 2008.[2]  The Board and I welcome him back,
and look forward to working with him again.

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